Download Video + Audio files from the Internet with Slimjet Browser

How can I download an MP4 video from a website or Facebook and then select a small portion of the video to share with my friends and family via email?

Use the free browser called Slimjet (from Flashpeak) - available for both Mac and PC
and then use the Mac App Quicktime Player (found in Utilities Folder) to edit the video

Follow these steps:

1. Download, install & open the free Flashpeak Slimjet Browser here.

2. Using Slimjet, go to your selected website video.

3. In the Slimjet URL window, click on the blue Download arrow

4. In the pop-up window, select the desired format and quality for video download (or select 'Download audio' if you want only an mp3).

It will download very rapidly into Downloads folder.

5. In the Downloads Folder on Dock, open the video to play using QuickTime Player (usually the default app for Macs) or right-click on the MP4 icon and choose 'Open with QTPlayer'

6. In QT Player window, find section you want to pull out. Stop video at beginning point of selection. Then go to - Edit - Split Clip - a red line will appear in the frame sequence at bottom - select and then delete the portion on left side of red split line. Click Done.

7. Play to end of desired segment - repeat Spit Clip - delete portion on right side of red line - click Done. Close window - Save and Name new segment.



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