Did you forget the correct password to your locked Mac computer and cannot log in?

Other than erasing/reformatting the HD, what can you do?

On older Macs with an optical drive, you could boot up from the install CD/DVD and select the Utility option 'Reset Password' - see how here

On newer Macs (with operating systems 10.7 and up) you can boot up while holding down the keys Command + R until the White Apple appears. (See all steps below)

How to reset your user password - Macbook Pro | Macbook Air | iMac (Catalina - Mojave - Sierra - El Capitan) - If you forgot your Macbook password, follow these steps to easily reset it.

01 First, power off your Mac computer.

02 Once you confirm it is off, hold down the Command + R buttons.

03 Next power on your Mac.

04 When you see the Apple logo, you can then release these buttons.

05 This will take you to the OSX Utilities (may take a bit longer than usual)

06 From the top menu, select Utilities, and from the drop down, select Terminal.

07 On Terminal, type in the following command (no spaces) :


Then push Return

08 In the background you will see another window open, and this is where you type in your new password.



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