How To

Network Two or More Macs To Share a Screen for a Single Camera


  • Two or more Macs (you might want to create a new user account dedicated to hosting the camera sharing)
  • One camera (built-in or external)
  • One wireless router (such as an Airport Extreme Base Station - does not need to be connected to the internet )


1. On the host Mac with the camera, open a camera view in Quicktime (or similar video app)

2. Go to System Preferences - unlock the Padlock if needed (Admin name and Password)

3. Open Sharing

4. Check the box next to Screen Sharing

5. On the other Mac computers, go to the Desktop Menu > Go > Connect to Server... at the bottom.



6. In the Pop Up Window, click Browse - then double-click on the name of the host computer when it is found (EX: MacBook Pro)


7. Click Share Screen ...

8. Fill in user name and password of account to be shared on host computer - click Connect - host screen should appear on your Desktop.

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