How to Make a 'PowerPoint' Presentation with OpenOffice

Apache - free to use - download - install - launch


Step 1 - Select 'Presentation' - then follow the Wizard for desired parameters.


Step 2 - View empty presentation - more slides can be added in left column -
Go to Top Menu > Insert > Slide


Step 3 - Add a PICTURE
Go to Menu > Insert > Picture > From File -- find a picture -- click 'Open'.


Step 4 - The image inserted will appear with 'handles' for re-postioning or re-sizing.
(Note: when re-sizing, hold Shift key down to maintain original proportion.)


Step 5 - Add TEXT
Click on 'T' icon at bottom - then click in frame to open Text box - type words.


Step 6 - To VIEW presentation full screen, go to top Menu > Slide Show > Slide Show


Step 7 - Slide will fill complete screen - click to advance slides or use up/down arrows.
Press 'escape' to end Show. Attach a VGA projector to your computer for larger audience.


Step 8 - To SAVE your Presentation, go to Menu > File > Save ---select format .PPT


Step 9 - Name your presentation - select Where to save it - click 'Save'


Step 10 - Select 'Keep Current Format'

TIP: The extension .ppt (PowerPoint) can be changed to .pps (PowerPoint Show)
to make it instantly launch as a slideshow on any computer with Microsoft PowerPoint.
To edit your .pps slideshow, go to OpenOffice > Menu > File > Open > your .pps file

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