How To

Retouch a Photo

1. Using a photo editing app such as Pixelmator, open your photo (JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF).

2. Make a copy of your photo by selecting File > Save As and giving it a slightly different name.

3. Zoom into your photo by using Window > Zoom In (or Command +). Keep zooming in until you can see large square pixels of color of the area to be retouched.

4. Use the "Eye Dropper" tool to pick up the color of area surrounding flaw.

5. Use "Paint Brush " tool to apply that color to various pixels in flaw area. Repeat above step with slight color variations.

6. Use various colors to blend an area in a believable way (notice that there is rarely an area composed of a single hue).

7. Zoom out (Command -) to check progress. Click File > Save to preserve changes.

8. Compare to Original photo.

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