How To Compose E-mail Offline (for Online E-mail Service)

1. Write your e-mail message using any available word processing application (Stickies, Simpletext, Textedit, Appleworks).

2. Add, delete, and change as you 'build' a good letter at your convenience without the pressure of being 'online'.

3. You can easily include websites, e-mail addresses and pictures as well by dragging and pasting into the body of the text.

4. Then select all (Command-A), copy (Command-C).

5. Go to your regular on-line mail program, such as Yahoo Mail, and open a New Composition.

6. Paste (Command-V) your message into the new composition. Be aware that not all enhancements (bold, italic, color) may appear the same when copied into a different format. If you inserted jpegs or documents, use DropStuff to compress the file into a mailable format such as .sit or .sea - this will preserve the jpegs and document in original form.

7. Follow the normal procedure for e-mailing your letter.

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