Links to levity and other odd things shared in past meetings :

Real Headlines (You can't make this stuff up)

Sunday Afternoon on the iPad of La Grande Jatte (Apple art parody)

Dogcow (classic Apple icon)

Death of Marat (Apple art parody)

Stick to Your Mac (fun with the Apple)

Ads of Future Past (parody of classic ads)

The Next Taller iPhone (parody video)

Geezer Golf (joke)

How Many Squares? (puzzler)

i-Swatter (joke)

T-Shirt Wisdom

T-Shirt Wisdom 2

The First Help Desk (video in German w/ subtitles)

iPad-Dad (video in German with subtitles)

Draw a Stickman (interactive video) Episode 1 - Episode 2

The Fly (Oscar-winning animation)

Preview iOS 5 (video parody)

Some Odd Facts (numbers, letters and baseball)

K9 Screen Cleaner (video)

Happy Easter (card)

Silent Monks Singing Hallelujah Chorus (video)

Mona Lisa Java (cup art)

Remember (video - need more memory?)

Animator vs. Animation (video)

Flies (PDF)

20 Questions (interactive computer quiz)

Anamorphic Art (Truck Paintings)

Anamorphic Art (Sidewalk Chalk Drawings)

The Danger of Cell Phones (video)

Cyber Camera (takes your picture via your computer screen - no camera needed)

Sans Serif Font (joke)

21 Reasons English Is Difficult (like words)


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