1Password - manages all your website passwords with one click - subscribe for $2.99/month

Adblock Plus - free Add-on for Firefox or Safari to block annoying banners, pop-ups and video ads, flash - even on YouTube & Facebook

AppCleaner - freeware that thoroughly uninstalls unwanted applications and all parts - 10.4 and up

Apple Store - East View Mall - Rochester, NY

Audacity - fantastic free sound recording/editing application, with MP3 export

BBEdit - Bare Bones HTML editor - free to try for 30 days - free to use basic features

Blurb - print your own book cheaply

BootCamp - FAQ about Apple's device to partition and run both MacOSX and WindowsXP

Burn - CD burning application for OSX 10.3.9 and later, PPC or Intel Mac - freeware - 6.4mb

Caffeine - freeware - prevents your Mac from automatically going to sleep, dimming or starting screen savers -Mac App Store download (240k)

Calendar - create a free on-line editable calendar for your website at - see example of H'port MUG Calendar.

Carbon Copy Cloner - quickly copies complete active HD to a bootable external HD - newest version $39 (30-day trial) - older versions

CardRaider - recover deleted photo files from your camera card - shareware $19.95 (free Demo)

ClamXav - anti-virus checker for Mac OSX 10.6.8 and up - no longer free after version 2.8.9 (2016) - ($29.95 + vat tax)

CoconutBattery - free utility that tells you everything about your computer's battery - (734k)

Corel Painter - 30 day free trial - Retails for $399 - eBay has new sealed install CDs for under $50.

Cyberduck - FTP and SFTP for Mac OS X (freeware - 9mb) - 10.3.9 and later - NOTE: free from Cyberduck (donate if you wish) or pay $24 from Mac App Store - read why here.

DetectX - small troubleshooting app to find and remove annoying malware (like MacKeeper) - free to use

DownRightNow - website that monitors the status of your favorite web services, combining user reports and official announcements

DownForEveryoneOrJustMe - find out if your favorite site is working properly - handy tool for web designers - try shorter URL -

Dropbox - free utility that works great for sharing large files or folders with friends privately or publicly

DuckDuckGo - a great search engine that does not track you - can also be set as your home page or your default web browser - free to use

EQ - sample settings for various types of music with iTunes 10-band graphic equalizer

E-mail Etiquette - common courtesy procedures using email

Emergency - emergency contact links and phone numbers for Hammondsport, NY 14840 - also see Local Emergency Blogspot

EtreCheck - free app to check for Malware, Adware, issues on your Mac - Snow Leopard to Sierra - 4.6MB (download)

Free Mac Fonts - free downloads for system fonts folder

Freeware - Thriftmac - Frisky Freeware - GetApp

GraphicConverter - shareware with a zillion image formats & tools

GIFfun - build your own animated GIFs from images or drawings - works with OSX 10.1 and later - (download 793kb)

GrandPerspective - is a small free utility from SourceForge that graphically shows the disk usage - requires OSX 10.8 or higher

iBackup - donationware (free) backup application for Mac OSX 10.3.9 to 10.4.8 (download - 4.1mb)

iFelix - nice tutorial/help site for those using cross-platforms (Mac OSX and Windows XP)

iFixit - step-by-step repair/upgrade guides for iBooks, PowerBooks, MacBooks, Mac Minis & iPods; detailed pictures & directions

Hidden - software to protect and recover stolen or lost computers - $15 per year

iGlasses 3 - handy little app that provides control parameters over add-on webcams - works on Snow Leopard to Mavericks - $19

iStumbler (2017) - locate all local WiFi networks Bluetooth devices,  Bonjour  services, Location information, and now 2.4 & 5 GHz Spectrum - free trial - $9.99 to buy

JAlbum - (version 9.5) freeware to convert a folder of jpegs into easy-to-view website w/ thumbs, links & originals. (older version 6.1 here)

JustDeleteMe - this website rates difficulty of deleting personal web accounts with links to procedures

Keynote - Apple's version of PowerPoint - part of iWork package (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) - buy separately for $20

Local Emergency Blogsite - Hammondsport, NY 14840 - emergency contact links and phone numbers - also see Emergency Sites

Lulu - print your own book cheaply

Mac-Ave - local Mac dealer w/ stores near Victor, NY and Webster, NY; new and used Apple products, excellent service and repair

Mac Knowledge Base at Indiana University - Mac Basics for many topics related to OS7.6 to OSX 10.4

MacMost - great how-to video tutorials by Gary - most are 5 to 10 minutes - about everthing Mac

mail2web - check your e-mail from any computer, anyplace (Mac/PC) - free

Monoprice - fantastic on-line source for quality low-cost cables, connectors, adapters

NeoOffice - free OSX alternative to Microsoft Office (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation & drawing program) - 120mb

Old Apps for Mac - older versions of many Mac applications such as Quicktime, Safari, Skype, etc - free downloads

OnyX - freeware maintenance utility for OSX (9mb) - is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It uses open standard format and can also read and write files from other common office software packages. It can be downloaded and used completely free of charge for any purpose. It will run on Windows, Mac OSX (Tiger-Leopard) PPC and Intel. See all requirements. Note: there is one version for Mac OSX (Intel) and another version for Mac OSX (PPC). Both work great!

Opera (4mB) Free Web Browser for OSX- very fast!

OWC - Other World Computing - great prices and service for everything Mac

Pacifist - allows you to extract individual files and folders out of Mac OS X package files. This is useful if an application which is installed by the operating system becomes damaged and needs to be reinstalled without the hassle of reinstalling all of Mac OS X.

Painter by Corel - free 30-day trial of one of the most realistic paint programs ever - OSX (100mb) - G4 required - also there are a slew of brand new Painter X sealed CDs on eBay for under $50!

Parallels - emulator to run Windows on Mac (Intel Core machines)

PDF to Keynote - freeware to convert PDF-based presentations to Keynote w/o losing format (217k)

Pencil 2D - great freeware for sketching and animation, especially with Wacom Tablet - download (50mb)

Pixelmator - possible replacement for Photoshop at $29.99 at App Store - $29.99 (30-day Trial) download 41MB

PixelNhance - great freeware for quick, split-screen adjustments on photo color, contrast, saturation, etc. (3.9mb) - OSX only

PhotoInfo - correct wrong exif info on pix such as date stamp, titles (freeware-188k)

QR Code Generator - create a QR code for your website - free

QR Code Reader - by Scan, Inc - 10.4MB, for iPhone and iPad - free

RapidWeaver - low cost WYSIWYG web design software for Mac - free trial / buy $89 - Mavericks or newer (163MB)

RocketFM by Griffin - check eBay - no longer available from manufacturer - buy for $15-30

RoaringApps - website shows compatibility of a great number of popular apps for Mac OS + iOS.

Routers - all Apple models to 2017 - manuals - resets - default passwords

Safari - download site for the latest version of Apple's OSX web browser; search here for earlier versions

SeaMonkey - free WYSIWYG html web editor and composer with browser - made by Mozilla - download (60MB)

Skype - free audio/video conferencing with friends & family - download latest version (34mb) - older versions here

Slimjet - fast lean web browser - has great built-in feature to dowload youTube mP4 videos and mp3 audio files

Small Dog Electronics - great place to buy new and used Apple products - good prices, minimal shipping fees - wonderful mac-friendly service - located in Vermont

SuperDuper! - free app for manual backup or clone of hard drive (bootable) - OSX 10.6 to Mavericks

TextWrangler - (formerly called BareBones) free HTML editor for OSX (9.7mb)

ToyViewer - free image-manipulating utility - Apple store preview of latest version

Tux Paint - free software for kids 3 to 12 - download for OSX G4 (14mb) -download for OSX G3 (3.5mb)
download extra Rubber Stamps (42.7mb)

VLC - free utility which will often play those stubborn audio and video file formats that don't want to play on Quicktime or iTunes

W3C Link Checker - free and easy on-line tool to validate all links in your websites.

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