Past Meetings

06 - 19 - 2003

This was our first meeting of the MacOS_Users Group in Hammondsport, New York.

Nine people attended (Tom B, Carol B, Larry T, Gene T, Karl K, William K, Frances T, Jim T, Bob M).

After introductions, Tom gave a brief overview of the focus and format of this particular MUG: to maximize the use of macs we already own and love, focusing on OS 9.1 and earlier systems. The goal is to meet the Third Thursday of each month for a year and then evaluate the response and direction.

Information was gathered from each person to find out some of the interests, skills and areas of concerns regarding Macs. Several people had been given a Mac by a very thoughtful relative and wanted to better understand how to use their wonderful machines.

Some great keyboard shortcuts were shared and demonstrated by Tom, using a Powermac 8500 which he had purchased on eBay a few days earlier for $29. Also demonstrated were a couple hidden (but interesting) applications found on all Macs if you look for them- Graphing Calculator and DigitalColor Meter.

One of the best reasons ever to buy a Mac is the feature of Command+Shift+4 keys to capture a selected part of the screen and some neat ways to apply this feature in customizing file and folder icons.

A demo was given on ways to customize the Apple Menu to make it more stream-lined for your specific needs.

Finally a demo was given on how to configure your internet dialup to use an inexpensive calling card. This will allow you to dial up your local provider from any phone in the United States for about 3 cents per minute.

Next meeting will be July 17 at St. James' Episcopal Church undercroft.

If you have a question, please contact Tom via email :

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