Past Meetings

10 - 16 - 2003

The fourth meeting of the MacOS_Users_Group in Hammondsport, New York, was attended by five people (Tom B, Jim T, Frances T, Ed K and Karl K).

A slew of Mac help books have been donated to the group by area Mac users. These books can be signed out by members for their perusal. The books cover a variety of topics spanning OS8 to 9.1.

A short discussion followed regarding external storage devices such as Hard Drives, Zip Drives and CD Burners. These devices have been dropping in price and are easy to use for backing up data.

Tom gave a quick demo of an easy way to use the Stickies application as an omnipresent Desktop Memo (i.e. "to do list"). Then a demo of how to create a vignetted portrait using Adobe Photoshop LE. Finally an online visit to the eBay website with a demo of the basics of the internet auction site (item search, seller evaluation, bidding, winning, payment and shipping).

We will continue to meet on the Third Thursday of each month at St. James' Church.

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