Past Meetings

12 - 18 - 2003

The MacOS_Users_Group in Hammondsport, New York, met Thursday evening at 7pm in St. James' Church undercroft. The group was small but we attempted to make ourselves larger with the help of Karl's can of "brown bread". (Did you know that the lids of tin cans are glued on? Karl never ceases to amaze us with his wealth of information!).

Tom shared a CD of Service Manuals which has step-by-step schematics of every device ever made by Apple -a very handy tool when you decide to fix that noisey whatchamajiggit inside the computer. Then a demo was given of how to control the control strip on OS 9. Next, a couple ways to convert Mac files to PC-readable formats by using Appleworks and MacLinkPlus applications. Then Tom showed an easy way to scan old color and black&white negatives (as well as color slides) using an inexpensive scanner (HP Scanjet 3570c). This USB model sold at Staples last year for $120. It has a built-in tray for slides or negatives and is very simple to use. It can also be used to copy normal photos up to 11x14. (One wonders why it took so long for an inexpensive transparency device to be incorporated into a scanner). Finally a short demo was given on using iPhoto to import, edit and view a batch of images (iPhoto will only work on OSX).

Next meeting will be January 15 - same time, same place.

Have a Merry Christmas.

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