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12 - 07 - 2004

The MacOS_Users_Group of Hammondsport, New York, resumed meeting after a year's hiate...hyatus...sabattic...break. Our new meeting time at 10am in the morning seemed to be a hit for everyone, as borne out by the nice turnout of mac users (Tom B, Jack H, Bob S, Jim P, Dave W, Ed K and Keith D). Even though the weather was dark & rainy outside (with a little nip in the air), it was nice that we didn't have to battle through snowdrifts.

Thanks to Jack H for bringing a bag of fresh donuts to enjoy with our coffee & tea. After performing the perfunctory 'We really shouldn't.." and breaking the donuts into smaller, non-fattening pieces, we consumed them all.

Discussion ensued regarding best time and place to meet. Morning at 10am seems good for all and Tuesdays for most. Mondays and Fridays are also possibilities, at least for using the St. James' church undercroft. Emails will be sent out a week before next meeting. Also an ad will run in the Southern Tier Shopper the week before the next meeting. A future meeting might be held at Dave W's place of business - his sign shop, where he would show us how he utilizes his Mac for designing signs.

Points of discussion and questions also included: whether or not OS 9.0.4 could be upgraded to 9.2 without intermediate updates (no, it cannot), where to purchase a CD for OS 9.1 or 9.2 (here is one website from Rochester called AppleRescue).Another question was how to backup files on an iMac: the least expensive solutions would be to invest in a USB Floppy Drive or USB Zip Drive. A couple on-line places to buy these devices would be Small Dog, OWC, MacConnection. Some stores that carry Mac products in the Rochester area are CompUSA and Computer Renaissance. Compatible USB devices could also be found in places such as Staples. Note: PC-formatted floppies and Zip disks can easily be reformatted for Macintosh.

Jack shared some of his exciting life of driving trains with the group. Tom gave Jack a neat CD game which allows you to drive a '3D train' though a virtual countryside to see how many obstacles you can miss. If you crash, you are virtually fired.

Next meeting: Friday, January 14, 2005 at 10am.

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