Past Meetings

3 - 11 - 2005

The Hammondsport MUG met in the St. James' undercroft as rain and snow swirled about the streets outside. Six people attended: Tom B, Bob S, Jack H, Ed K, Jim P and Dave W. It was a pleasant two hours of sharing questions, insights and a few jokes.

Bob brought his iBook and new miniture picture printer which transfers digital images from the camera or memory card and allows you to print them directly on photo paper.

Tom used a new Epson PowerLite S1+ LCD projector to display his Powerbook desktop on a large white screen. It was very simple to use for demonstrations. A company called Erie Computer located in Erie, Pennsylvania, has great prices on these projectors (no tax and free shipping) plus an Epson rebate of $50 which makes the final price $685. Another great selling point of the EPS1+ is the replacement cost of the 2000-hour lamp - it can be obtained for $170 (compared to many similar projectors which require lamps selling for $400). Another website that has a wealth of information about LCD and DLP projectors is Projector Central. Our new projector will be available for use at our MUG meetings for anyone who would like to bring a demo of software or hardware.

A short discussion revolved around the question "How did the police trace a floppy disk to the church of the BTK murderer?" By pooling all of our assorted bits of knowledge and a little research, we concluded we didn't have a clue. It was noted that each floppy disk, zip disk and recordable CD has a unique production number (you can even see the number on the clear inner ring of a CD). But more likely the police were able to recover previously "erased" or "deleted" data from the floppy disc that was sent to them by the killer. Tom mentioned that a great deal of tracking data is recorded on your computer whenever you browse the internet. There is no such thing as anonymity. A couple places data is recorded on your Mac are the Temporary Cache, History and Cookies folder. The free Opera browser has a nice feature under "Tools" called Delete Private Data which shows a slew of info caches.

A couple more great keyboard shortcuts that came to light are: 1) You can select a group of files and then open all at once by double-clicking or Command-O. 2) One of many keyboard shortcuts for OSX users is to Get Info for many files by selecting one file, hold down the Option key, then Command-I to get Info. This opens an "Inspector" Window (in OSX). Then a single click on any other file will instantly show Info in the same Inspector window without going back to the desktop menu each time.

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