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January 17, 2006

Six people attended this meeting which focused on the theme "Fixing Your Mac". Sharing lunch and mac chat were Tom B, Jim P, John R, Bob G, Nancy C and Anne B. We watched some vintage Apple TV ads, including the 1984 superbowl ad which introduced the Macintosh to the world (that was 22 years ago!). We also saw Hal2000, SuperComputer and WatchThe Skies. Download small 2mb versions of these great ads here. (Control click on the Title at the website to get a download menu.)

Some helpful fixit websites to help troubleshoot problems:

Accelerate (XLR8) Your Mac (great fixit tutorials, how to upgrade old & new macs, lots of photos)

The X Lab (troubleshooting OSX)

iMac Repair (specifically the flyback transformer of video which is a design flaw causing display failure in many iMacs due to heat)

iFixit Guide for Macs (excellent step-by-steps including how to replace the HD, RAM, CD-ROM, etc

Apple Repair Manuals (to 2003 Models - downloadable PDF Files)

Upgrading iMac Processor Card (23-step tutorial)

MacFixit (click Tutorials) - one of the all-time great Mac sites by Ted Landau

Apple's Do-It-Yourself Parts & Service (just select your model and specific task)

Mac Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Tips (up to OS9 - older macs - tons of topics and questions you've never thought of)

iFelix - some great tutorials on OSX periferals such as airport, printers, etc.

Deathhacker: How not to take apart an iBook (humor)

Laptop Battery - what does one look like inside? See an iBook M8403 here.

"Otto" the Automator (OSX Tiger) - to read a good tutorial by Ted Landau of MacFixit, click here. Tom gave a short demo using the Automator, a feature included with OSX Tiger. It allows you to easily assemble a "workflow" of scripts to do tedious tasks such as renaming a folder of numbered pictures or creating a tiny thumbnails for a large bunch of photos with a single click.

A question came up regarding a "Low Memory" warning encountered by one person when downloading large picture files in OS9. Sometimes it helps to allocate more memory to a particular application used to process large files. See how here.

The new Apple Store at the East View Mall in Rochester offers free 1-hour workshops on a variety of mac topics listed here.

It was nice to have a chance to chat and share stuff without a time pressure (especially since the demonstrations all seem to go awry at every turn --- BTW, for those who were there, the missing password was "password").


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