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May 30, 2006

On a hot sweltering 90+ day, six people enjoyed the coolness of the St. James' Church undercroft to share Macintosh ideas and unusual webites. Attending were Tom B, John R, Ed K, Bob S, Bill N and Bob G.

'ODD' was the focus of the meeting (excluding us, of course) -interesting websites that were unique, unusual or downright weird (but helpful).

Several unique sites visited were:

Terra Server (see a black & white satellite photo of your house)

Babel Fish (have fun translating into other languages and back again)

Cyber Camera (turns your computer monitor into a camera - be sure to comb your hair before trying this)

Wayback Machine (screenshot archive of 55 billion web pages from 1996 to present)

Ask Numbers (Conversion Calculators of all kinds)

SunBelt Eye (just plain weird VR - not for the paranoid)

iPod Shuffle mod-DIY (humorous parody of hacking)

iFixit - fantastic detailed tutorials show how-to fix or upgrade your mac

RefDesk (source for every reference under the sun)

Bob S shared two of his favorite sites : 20 Questions (where a computer tries to guess your thoughts) and myboatclub (where you can create your own blank calendar to print out).

Bill N shared one of his favorite computer pastimes: open the browser to Google, close your eyes and click 5 random keys. Then do a search of whatever you typed. Bill claims he has found unbelieveable sites doing this. Some of us thought Bill should stop reading by the glow of the lava lamp.

As a final thought, keep in mind that most odd, weird or unique websites exist for a single purpose: collecting marketing data (on you).

Next meeting: Tuesday June 20 ... Topic: Demo of MacBook running OSX Tiger and Windows XP

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