Past Meetings

August 25, 2006

Six people attended: Tom B, Don H, Bill N, Jim P, Bob S and Ed K. The meeting was purely Q&A.

Here are some of the questions brought up.

How would I back up my entire system on line? One option is to purchase a dotmac account from Apple. See FAQ here.

What does it cost per year or month? Dotmac is $99 per year wth a 60-day free trial.

How do you set up an automatic backup system? Apple Dotmac provides a free backup software called Backup. Other good applications include Dantz' Retrospect Express, LaCie's SilverKeeper. Another good free application is Carbon Copy Cloner which can create an exact copy of your HD to serve as an emergency bootup disc. Another freeware is iBackup.

Are there any risks to on-line backups? As long as your firewalls and safequards or working, backing up your files to an on-line site is safe. See the Network setup in System Preferences for details on your computer.

What is an FTP site? File Transfer Protocol is one of the more risky ways to send data in the present high speed world. Use the Passive FTP mode found in Network Proxies for a more secure transfer.

How can I send or receive large attachments too big for e-mail? One way is by using iChat described here.

How can I insert large photos into an Appleworks document without having to resize it in another application such as Photoshop? Open a JPG, GIFor PNG file with Preview. Reduce the size by zooming out (Command -). Then use Command-shift-4 to capture a part of the image desired. Drag the resulting PNG image into the Appleworks document.

How do I know if the battery in my mac is eligible for the recent recall/exchange by Apple? Go here.

How can I customize the background of a folder? Open a folder. Then go to View> Show View Options. Select White, Color or Picture as background for folder.

Is there a way of viewing several application windows at the same time? Yes. For example, you can launch a QT movie, open iTunes to start music, open iPhoto to view pictures. Then push F9 to launch Exposé. Use Tab to move from one window to another. Push F9 to return to normal view.

If I add new fonts to my Fonts Library, how can I be sure they will work on my computer? Go to Applications>Font Book. Select a Font from the list, then click File>Validate Font. Test results will be shown in the test window.


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