Past Meetings

September 17, 2007

The Hammondsport MUG met this month at the Fred and Harriet Taylor Memorial Library. Attending were Jerry L, Jack H, Tom B, Bill S, Bob S and Joe Y.

Jerry gave an excellent presentation about his recent project of taking pictures of area church interiors. Using a digital camera, an iMac and a variety of software applications, Jerry demonstrated how he takes photos, refines and edits them, and then prints them to create very professional-looking books. See a summary of his presentation. Currently a single 100-page hardcover book can be published at Lulu for under $7 with discounts for larger orders! See details here.


iPhoto Library Manager

Photoshop Elements




Additional Comments from Meeting

Fading color prints? - If you have been disappointed by rapid discoloration of prints made by your inkjet printer, here is a way to preserve the bright colors. Be sure your print is kept behind glass or other protective covering. Inks have been made more resistant to sunlight, but the problem of gases in the air has not been solved. It's the air that causes the fading.


Other Recent Discoveries

Joe shared some great user tips regarding the Dock feature of OSX. Read more here. Also he explained some unique features of the Disk Image (.dmg) by which modern Mac software is packages for distribution over the internet. Read how to utilize Disk Images here.

Use Disk Images to safeguard important documents and numbers. Read how here.

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