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July 21, 2008

Attending: Don H, Bill N, Jack H, Bob S, Jerry L, Tom B.and Jim P.

Topic: How to Digitize Old Color Slides, Negatives and Photos

Several methods were explained and demonstrated:

Jerry showed us his Nikon CoolScan slide copier which produces extremely high quality digital files of color slides or film negatives. He also told us that saving an image in PNG format was better than TIFF and smaller in file size. Go figure.

Don brought his Opteka Digital Duplicator which he had purchased last year for $49. This device couples onto a threaded lens of an SLR digital camera to allow direct shooting of a color slide.

Tom copied a color slide (and also a b&w film negative) using a five-year-old USB HP Scanjet 3570c. These scanners currently can be picked up on eBay for a few dollars and they work great with OSX Tiger and an iBookG3!

Why convert old color slides, negatives and prints into digital files?

1) Easily send to friends / family as e-mail attachments.

2) Create a Web Photo Album using J'Album.

3) Display to groups as PowerPoint shows.

4) Compose and print as hard-cover books via iPhoto.

5) Import as illustrations into geneologies, histories and journals.

6) Use as desktop pictures on your computer.

7) Backup one-of-a-kind photos and family treasures.

PixelNhance is a small free application which is very handy for refining digital images.

Bob shared a pizza and a NY Times article about the blogsite MacRumors. The creator of the eight-year-old blog, Dr. Arnold Kim, is often asked the question "How does a blog make money?" His answer is "It can all be boiled down to one simple accomplishment: building traffic.That's it. If you have a site that attracts a lot of visitors, you will be able to make money."

Used computers for sale (contact Tom if interested)

Next meeting: Friday, August 15, 2008

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