Past Meetings

October 22, 2008 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING: Bill N, Bob S, Jack H, Jerry L, Tom B.

No particular agenda for this meeting. It was fun to just let the conversation take its own course.We learned there are quite a few inventors in the group, some with patents.Also found out some interesting things about each other's earlier careers and jobs.

Some good Keyboard Shortcuts when using Safari on the web:
Command - [ (left bracket) will return you to previous webpage
Command - i will open Mail with HTML of that site
Command-Shift-i opens Mail with link only
Command-Control-D pops up a dictionary for each word moused over

Tom demonstrated Singular, a free utility to find duplicate files on your Mac. (download 3.7mb)

Bill modeled his spiffy 5-LED Cap Light from Deal Extreme- a handy tool for people in the dark.

Jerry mentioned that laser printers have really dropped in price. They print much faster and sharper than inkjets. (But only in black).

Bob is in the process of buying a brand new MacBook Pro (with a glass trackpad) and hopes to bring it to the next meeting so we can help him get it running. Sure, Bob, we'd be glad to help. Heh, heh.

Jack reported on sighting bears at his house near Howard, NY. He also showed us on a map where Howard is located. When we found Jack's location on Google Earth, it was very near the edge. It snows there in July.

And ... we watched Animator vs. Animation again (because it is funny).


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