November 18, 2009 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

Never call computers anthropomorphic. They hate that.



Discussions and demos of several applications (both new and old) related to making music on Mac computers:

iTunes - play CD music on your mac. Get additonal track info about a loaded CD by clicking iTunes Menu > Advanced > Get CD Track Names. Also tracks can be imported into iTunes Library for compiling your own unique play mix or burn list.

Listen to internet radio from any of the hundreds of sites included in iTunes. Plug in a RocketFM (or similar device) to broadcast your Mac music to any FM radio in your home. Check eBay for RocketFM (selling @$15-20).

Audacity - free application to record live instrument or voice with a single click. Export recording as MP3 to reduce size and make it playable on your iPod. See example.

QuickTime Pro - use this version ($29) to record streaming audio from sites such as YouTube. This requires a 2nd computer. Play internet stream on 1st Mac which is connected to 2nd mac via stereo miniplug (sound out to sound in). Open QuickTime Pro on 2nd mac to New Audio Recording, adjust input levels, then record.

Melody Assistant - shareware ($20) that allows original musical composition, as well as a printable score your finished work.

Rock Rap 'n' Roll - software sampler from the 1990's which still works great in OSX Classic. Build your own high quality music tracks. Output to 2nd mac to record a QuickTime file for cross platform use.

Garage Band - record live instruments or voice, as well as using samplers of high quality sound contained in the program. Create a New Project, then add a new Track. Under Window, select either Keyboard or Musical Typing Choose from sample loops (click the 'eye' symbol). Drag the preferred loops into your project. Then give it a listen.

Modular Guitar Chord - build your own diagrams for any guitar chord by copying, arranging and pasting these basic parts in TextEdit.



Caffeine - freeware to keep your mac awake during long recordings or downloads

Paintbrush - free paint application (2.7mb) - for Leopard or Tiger

SheepSaver - is a PowerPC Emulator that allows you to run OSX Classic Apps on Snow Leopard in Intel macs. Read a good article about it on Tidbits.



CD/DVD - Jerry gave us an update from a past presentation about choosing the best CD/DVD according to color - color is no longer a true indicator of archival quality. Also DVD+R is better than DVD-R. A report on recent improvements by Taiyo Yuden can be read here. (Jerry said this article is easy to understand. We'll take his word for it.)

National Do Not Call Registry - stop unwanted telemarketing calls by registering for free. (Note: companies with whom you do business, charities, political organizations, and telephone surveyors are exempt.)

Why E-mail will be around for a long time (TidBits article)

Web could run out of addresses next year (changing from IPv4 to IPv6) - most macs have this already.



Keyboard Shortcut - while typing a difficult word, press ESC to reveal possible endings


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