May 17, 2010 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING: Tom B, Bob S, Jerry L, Larry T, John K, Jack H and Bill N.


Using a ten-year-old iBook G3/500mhz, Tom demonstrated how easy it was to create an account at An active e-mail address becomes your LogMeIn user name while the password is up to you. In a few seconds, Tom was able to connect the iBook to a MacBook at his home. He was able to login to the remote (host) computer, open applications, copy & paste between computers, send e-mails, play music and view the garden via the built-in camera. (see pictures of login steps and read demo notes). Tom noted that he was recently able to log into his home computer while stranded in Italy by the volcano.

LogMeIn Free includes:
• Access from any Internet-connected web browser
• Access to a Windows PC or Mac
• Remote control and desktop viewing
• Copy and paste between computers
• Wake on LAN
• Reboot/reconnect (including safe mode)
• Basic reports (remote access sessions and user access)
• Chat
• AES 256-bit encryption
• SSL/TLS intrusion detection
• IP address lockout
• No need for firewall, router or proxy configuration
• No requirement for remote PC admin rights

FAQ about LogMeIn

Additonal info about LogMeIn security

Cool graphic showing current LogMeIn connectivity throughout the world

Q + A

Question: How much bandwidth is required to use LogMeIn?

Answer: At idle (not during a remote session), LogMeIn generates about 200 bytes a minute on every host computer.  It just "pings" the gateway to tell it that the LogMeIn computer is still online. For connecting and doing non-remote control work, any always-on internet connection is sufficient.  For a remote control session, we recommend at least 10 KB/s (that's KBytes, not Kbits) or higher connection on each end.  Remote control performance depends on the screen resolution and color depth, plus available bandwidth, but 10-12KB should be okay.  Anything above 30-40KB/s should provide a decent remote control experience. If you are unsure of your connection speed, or just want to check, please go to, and run a speed test.  The result will be given in Kilobits (Kb), and to convert it to KiloBytes, please divide the result by 8.

Question: How can you convert text wording into a JPG image?

Answer: With Text doc open, go to File > Print > Preview, then File>Save As>JPG (see sample JPG)

Question: Lately my Safari browser is becoming very sluggish in loading certain sites and the beachball of death starts spinning as an error message pops up describing a problem with an Adobe Flash script. Force-quitting is usually the only remedy. What is causing this?

Answer: Possible conflicts with Adobe Flash. Disabling Safari prefs for Java and internet plugins helps speed up the page loading but of course certain features don't show up. Steve Jobs had some recent comments about Adobe Flash problems.

Question: Why are some websites showing up in my browser as Text without any graphics? It doesn't happen everytime. And the pref settings are the same.

Answer: Don't know.


Mozilla leader worries about internet limits - 350 million people use Mozilla's Firefox web browser, 500 million use Skype, and 350 million people use Wikipedia. Do you know how many people work for these companies?       Skype=600       Mozilla=250      Wikipedia=30      Is that amazing?

Pneumatic tubes, the cutting edge technology of 19th century, are making a comeback at Stanford!

Roll Top - latest prototype computer from Israel - watch video (91 secs)

10x6 Graphic Drawing Tablet & Pen - from MonoPrice - $40 (see images)
Compatible with Windows and Mac (including Snow Leopard)


Keyboard Shortcut : Command-Shift-4 then press SPACEBAR will capture all of contents of an open window as well as the window itself. Hover camera image over preferred window and click. (See more KB shortcuts)

Bean - a small, easy-to-use word processor (or more precisely, a rich text editor), designed to make writing convenient, efficient and comfortable. Bean is Open Source, fully Cocoa, and is available free of charge! Features: live word count, inspector panel, full screen mode, find and replace with regular expressions. OSX 10.4 or higher.. (Download 3.8mb)

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