September 20, 2010 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING: Larry T, Kay T, Tom B, Bill N, Bob S, Gene N and Jerry L


Larry gave a demonstration of his new iPad and what he has learned from using it during the summer. It took a few minutes to get the iPad to work with our VGA projector. Finally got some limited success after downloading Expedition from the iTunes app store. An article here describes how to display everything on iPad via a VGA projector. Some common opinions seem to agree that iPad with backlit screen was much easier to read in low light while Kindle was better in bright sun light. Battery duration was definitely better in the Kindle (weeks vs. hours). Also price was a consideration, especially if your main purpose was to read books. Some other impressions of iPad can be found at Tidbits and ZDNET. Base model starts at $499.

iPad Printing with older, non-wireless USB printers

Printopia for Mac - Ecamm - free trial download - $9.95 (not in App Store) - How to use Printopia

PrintCentral - iPad App Store -$9.99 - works great- extra controls l

Pros and cons of other E-Readers were discussed. Read about Kindle's features. Amazon's Kindle starts at $139, Barnes & Noble's Nook at $149, Aluratek Libre and Kobo eReader ($99-129).

Other pads - Monoprice's $40 USB Graphics Tablet w/ Pen. Similar to the classic Wacom Tablet, but much larger and less expensive (see images). Create pencil and pen drawings with pressure-sensitive lines using any graphic app such as the free Pencil. Used Wacom tablets can be found on eBay for pittance.

Animator vs. Animation - the power of graphic illustration



1. If you add Control to the famous Command-Shift-4, Mac OS X will capture your screenshot to the clipboard instead of creating a file on your desktop. This is ideal for pasting into image editors like Acorn and Pixelmator, and cutting down on desktop clutter. In fact, the image editors are smart, and they’ll check your Mac’s clipboard for an image when creating a new file. If they see one, the new file dialog dimensions will default to those of the image on your clipboard.

2 . Hold the Option key while dragging a file icon to make a quick copy (more tips in 'One Page Crash Course in Switching from Windows to Mac'

3. Double click to select a word - Triple click to select an entire sentence or paragraph.



1. Speed up a sluggish internet browser (such as Safari or Firefox) by using Apple's two DNS numbers:

Network>TCP/IP>DNS Servers Insert numbers then click Apply. DNS Servers are a bit like phone books where you look up a name and it gives you the phone number. These Servers have been patched to guard against DNS poisoning, and are faster/more reliable than most ISP's DNS Servers.

-----or try Google's DNS numbers and Read how to here

2. Print Avery Labels via Pages by downloading from Avery website - see how here.
To delete a template in Pages, go to:
User>Library>Application Support>iWork>Pages>Templates>My Templates. Select and trash unneeded template.

3. System Preferences is an APPLICATION on Mac OS - did you know that? Tom helped a friend replace his missing System Prefs app (which had been accidently trashed) by using Pacifist to copy the System Prefs app from an install disk without having to reinstall the entire OS. Read more below.

4. Transfer LARGE files - if you have a Dotmac or MobileMe account with Apple, you can use your Public Folder to quickly and securely transfer files to another computer or person. Go to System Prefs>MobileMe (or.Mac) >Select iDisk tab, adjust Public Folder preferences (i.e Read, Read+Write, password enabled). Then connect to your Public Folder by going to Finder Menu>Go>iDisk>My iDisk. After your iDisk opens on the Desktop, drag your large files to be shared into your Public Folder in your iDisk. Close and eject your iDisk (Command-E). The person with whom you wish to share files can go to

In the pop-up dialog box, enter your user name (and password if assigned) to view your Public Folder. Copy files out.

On-line Book Publishing - Tom shared some of his recent experiences of printing a 30-page family album via Apple's iPhoto and Lulu - easy, convenient, permanent. Lulu is 30% cheaper but Apple looks classier. Using old USB scanners plugged into G3 iBooks and Graphic Converter, entire pages of old family photo albums were digitally copied and organized for the book publishing.



'Keys to Internet' Entrusted to 7 People - more stuff to file into your 'Creepy' folder with Google, Wikipedia and WikiLeaks.

Firefox 3.6 - the current version will likely be the end of the road for people using PowerPC Macs.

no longer exists (per se) - absorbed into CNET (as was MacFixit).



GraphicConverter v.6.7.4 - latest version key features - opening and saving JPGs and PNGs in GC creates handy thumbnail icons which is very helpful for organizing a folder of photos. ($35)

Pacifist - is a shareware application that opens Mac OS X .pkg package files, .dmg disk images, and .zip, .tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, and .xar file archives and allows you to extract individual files and folders out of them. This is useful, for instance, if an application which is installed by the operating system becomes damaged and needs to be reinstalled without the hassle of reinstalling all of Mac OS X. Pacifist is also able to verify existing installations and find missing or altered files, and Pacifist can also examine the kernel extensions installed in your system to let you see what installer installed them, and whether the installer was made by Apple or a third-party. Pacifist is compatible with Mac OS X 10.3 or higher, including Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard”. It is also compiled as a Universal Binary for maximum performance on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. Pacifist is shareware that costs $20 but can be used for as long a trial period as you find necessary to evaluate it (you will be presented with a “nag screen” at startup until you register).


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