September 26, 2011 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING: Tom B, Jack H, Gene N, Bob G, Bob S, Larry T.



The Fly - the group considered many important questions. To get us into the right frame of mind to ponder deeper thoughts, Tom showed this animation. After watching the 3 minute clip, we all decided to go back to simpler questions.


APPLE HELP MENU - find answers built into every Mac - just a click away

APPLICATION HELP - no need to go online for help - it's all in your computer!

APPLE DISCUSSION FORUMS (online) - a great place to find help from other Mac users.

iFIXIT - the greatest take-apart/put-together website with lots of question/answer forums



How can I restore a missing icon in the Dock?

Answer: Dock icons are merely aliases (shortcuts). Locate the original application in your hard drive, then drag it to the Dock to create a new alias. Or you can launch the application, then select 'Keep in Dock' from the click-hold options. See how here.

How can I find the exact harddrive location of a specific photograph which I can view in iPhoto?

Answer: Using Searchlight, type the exact photo file name into the search window, then hover the cursor over the found file to reveal its 'Proxy Path' to its location. Or --- you can also click on the found file in the search results to open it, then COM-CLICK on the title bar to show the proxy path. (see example)

How can I print from my iPad?

Answer: use apps such as Printopia ($19.99) or PrintCentral ($9.99)

How can I e-mail a document created in Pages to another person who may not use Pages or is using Windows?

Answer: Convert your document to a PDF by selecting File>Print>Save as PDF. The resulting PDF file will be readable on any computer, Mac or PC, while retaining all your original fonts, formatting and layouts. (Note: the file will be a bit larger in size than the original document.)

How can I quickly find the meaning of a difficult vocabulary word in a text document, e-mail or webpage?

Answer: By simply holding down the keys  Control+Command+D  and then hovering the cursor over a word to reveal the Pop-Up definition. Here are some words to test out your hovering skill: antebellum, drail, hysteron proteron, sfumato. (Cocoa apps only)

Is there a quick way to check my word spelling as I type?

As you type a word in any Apple document, press esc (escape) to instantly display a list of possible correct spellings. (see example)

How can I listen to internet radio on my Mac? Answer: Open iTunes and select one of the Radio stations listed in the variet of categories.


MadPad - remix your life - create audio compositions from real sounds ($2.99)


Did Stanley Kubrick know about the Apple iPad in his 1968 movie 2001: A Space Odessey?

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