January 23, 2012 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING: Tom B, Gene N, Bob G, Bob S, Jerry L, Larry T, Andrea R, Ed M.

 TOPIC: iTunes

Our group shared many helpful tidbits, tips and questions related to how we each use iTunes on our Macs, iPods, iPads and iPhones.

Using a CD from a 1973 Rogues band, Tom demonstrated how easy it is to add music to your iTunes Library.

Internet Radio - click 'Radio' in your iTunes library and access hundreds of streaming radio stations from 25 different genres. Just double-click a station that interests you, and it begins streaming. iTunes includes stations in MP3 and high-quality HE-AAC formats. If there’s an Internet radio station you love, but it’s not included with iTunes, choose Open Stream from the Advanced menu to add the station to your library. Paste or enter the station’s URL in the dialog that appears and click OK.

RocketFM - an inexpensive USB device to broadcast your music via FM to radios in your house. Check eBay for good buys since this product is no longer manufactured by Griffin.

Equalizer - enhance the sound of your music with the iTunes Equalizer. Located in the Window menu, Equalizer includes 22 presets — Rock, R&B, and Pop, to name a few. Drag the frequency sliders up and down to adjust a preset or to create your own.

How to Redeem an iTunes Gift Card - for music, apps, book and movies

How to Authorize and Deauthorize Computers for iTunes Store - allows syncing up to 5 devices; can deauthorize all once every 12 months

iTunes A-Z - read about all of iTunes features



How do you change the Trackpad sensitive and speed on your Mac?

-----Answer: Go to System Prefs>Trackpad and change the Tracking Speed and Clicking Speed. Also you can vary the speed at which folders and windows open by going to Finder>Prefs>General.

How do you drag-and-drop a file using the Trackpad?

-----Answer: Select the file you wish to move. Click and hold using bottom edge of Trackpad. Then move file by sliding a finger across the Trackpad. Release all to drop file.

How do you 'Bookmark' a favorite website in Safari?

-----Answer: Use the + sign next to URL window or click Safari>Bookmark>Add Bookmark to Menu

How do you Sync your Mac, iPod and iPad via the iCloud if your Mac is running OS10.6 Leopard?

-----Answer: You can't. OS 10.7 Lion is required to use iCloud for synching devices.

What is a Smart Folder and how do you make one?

-----Answer: Go to File>New Folder or New Smart Folder. Gene explained the advantages of using Smart Folders which he highly recommends. The rest of us (who use dumb folders) looked on blankly.

How can I resize the Icons on my Desktop?

-----Answer: Go to Finder Menu>View>View Options and change Icon Size with Slider.



Apple will replace original MagSafe 'T' adapters that show defects and fraying.

MagSafe free replacement

MagSafe Settlement

Troublshooting MagSafe adapters

Intel-Based MagSafes- the correct adapter for your Mac



SOPA - is it the equivalent of smashing the Gutenberg press?

The Other Side of SOPA and PIPA - Adam Engst weighs in

Heat Balls - are you upset by Big Brother's ban of incandescent light bulbs?



Recalculating - if you get annoyed with the edge in Garmina's voice when you ignore her directions, try changing to one of the other more pleasant voices available in the device settings.


Amazon confusion - having trouble syncing your Apple devices via the Kindle app? Tom discovered it is possible to have more than one Amazon account with same exact user name (but different passwords). Not sure how this ever happened, but it did. Go to Amazon 'help' on website.

Duckhead - need a replacement or extra plug adapter for the long AC cord? Find plenty on eBay for a few dollars.

Perian - Swiss army knife for QuickTime - allows you to download, save and play YouTube video or audio via Safari's Activity window - see how here.

Happy Birthday, QuickTime - QT turns 20 years old (1991)


Draw a Stickman - just go to the site and follow the directions. Thanks to Larry.


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