February 27, 2012 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING: Jerry L, Tom B, Gene N, Larry T, Bob G, Ed M, Erin M.

We were all shocked to hear that our friend Jack Heater had passed away suddenly since our last meeting. We will miss him and his wonderful stories of his railroad days.


TOPIC: Post Processing Digital Photos - Part I

ADOBE LIGHTROOM 4 - Jerry gave us a detailed demo of his favorite software for making a picture mo' better. Here are some of his notes:

Most photos could use correction of some or all:

  • Exposure/Contrast

  • Straighten (hate lakes that slope!)

  • Crop

  • Correct color balance (make whites, white)

  • Sharpen

  • Reduce noise

  • Eliminate Red Eye

I expect most programs can do the above. The better ones can:

  • Dodge to correct local exposure problems

  • Clone (eliminate hard edged objects) and Heal (eliminate facial marks)

  • Adjust highlights, light, dark and shadow levels independently

  • Adjust above using histogram as a guide

  • Reduce noise more effectively

  • Correct perspective (GraphicConverter, $40))

  • Correct lens distortion (pin cushion and barrel)

  • Make Panarama (PTGui is one of the best, $107))

  • Add labels, Cloning (Photoshop Elements, $80)

Other Lightroom features I like

  • File storage is totally open, not hidden behind computer assigned names

  • Original is never touched

  • A breeze working with RAW files

  • DNG is great


  • JPG = 256 levels of each of R, G, B color (8 bits) , 16 million colors

  • Camera produces 12 bit depth ­ 4096 levels per color

A color calibrated monitor is important in making good color balanced prints. The Pantone Huey MEU101 ($90) is a reasonably priced calibration tool.

Many useful Plug-ins at

Lightroom 4 costs $150 ($79 for upgrade) - 30-day free trial of full version available



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