May 21, 2012 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

TOPIC: How to set up an account to buy or sell an item on eBay

ATTENDING: Tom B, Gene N, Bob S, Bob M, Bob G, Diane B and Ed M.



Tom gave a step-by-step demo of how to set up a free eBay account (see form)

  • User I.D. - don't use your real name - minimum 6 characters
  • Password - minimum 6 characters with mix of letters, numbers and symbols
  • Location - this can be as specific as you wish
  • Secret Question - see list



After doing a search on eBay for a specific item (Mini-DVI to VGA adapter), Tom shared some hints about evaluating a seller. Some considerations are:

  • Number of completed auctions - more sales provide a better track record
  • Feedback score and comments - 100% or close to it - comments can be revealing
  • Location of item - distance affects time & cost of delivery; in-state = extra sales tax
  • Shipping charges - free or reasonable - insurance option
  • Seller's I.D. history.- click on FB number, then View I.D. history - many is bad.
  • Quality photos - more is good, pix of actual item rather than stock photos.
  • Accurate description - specifics on item + any flaws or damage is important
  • Return policy - any warranty, money back?

A helpful tutorial called 'Getting Started' can be found at eBay.



The group looked at the process of safely paying for an auction item via PayPal. An account can be set up in a few minutes. PayPal is free to use for buying items and for transferring funds to friends or family. PayPal can be used for most on-line transactions - not only eBay.

Whenever money or personal information is exchanged via the internet, it is important to use a secure website which is denoted by a Padlock icon and https: ('s' means secure).



A step-by-step demo was given on how to sell an item on eBay. Tom set up an auction for a DVI-VGA adapter. Some considerations are:

  • Research similar items to find the prevailing selling price- see 'Completed items'
  • Look up details and specs for item - be accurate and informative - note any flaws.
  • Make or find quality photos of item - the first one is free in auction
  • Set reasonable shipping charges - eBay provides a calculator for estimating costs.
  • Communicate with buyer- send updates on tracking - respond to questions quickly.

See eBay's seller basics. for complete details. Also eBay's Top 10 Tips for Selling.



Apple has released update software for Flashback Removal and Security Update for Leopard10.5.8 to prevent potential mis-use of Java. Run 'Update Software' on your Mac (found under the Apple) to see if you need any of these releases.

Possible motivation for Flashback malware may be $$$ according to Symantec report.

The Lytro - first Light Field camera - allows post focusing - read more


PHISHING SCAM - beware of e-mail from Amazon re: cancelled order with linked number.


NEXT MEETING - July 23 - TOPIC: Q+A (Note: no meeting planned for June)


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