June 23, 2014 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, Jerry L, Gene N, Nancy D, Bob M, Carl H, Bill N, Bob S, Larry T, Dottie E, Rock E.



Pixelmator - is this inexpensive app a possible replacement for Photoshop? Download latest version 3.1 for Mavericks - get a free 30-day Trial or buy for $29.99 at the Mac App Store.

Older versions of Pixelmator available at FileHorse - use version 2.2 for Snow Leopard.

When you doctor (or enhance) a photo using Pixelmator, the resulting changes are made in successive layers which are preserved in editable form by saving as a Pixelmator file (.pxm). On the other hand, If the revised image is exported (Pixelmator Menu>File>Export), the layers are flattened and will no longer be editable. There are advantages to both - the Pixelmator file can be later re-edited if needed but is larger in size and requires Pixelmator to open it. The exported file will be much smaller in size and can be exported in any format desired.

Tom gave several quick demos on how he uses some of Pixelmator's tools to easily fix or adjust website images - when he spots an incorrect image on any of his websites, he drag/copies it to the Desktop, right-clicks it to open with Pixelmator, then makes necessary changes to image - the key is to next export the revised image using same name and format - this will replace original and save a lot of time - NOTE: it is not necessary to save new image as a Pixelmator file unless you plan to constantly edit it.

1) Add text, arrows and data to a map with Text Tool (example)

2) Edit an alpha web image using Text Tool (example)

3) Correct or edit a web GIF image with Paint Brush and Text Tool (example)

4) Remove unwanted electrical wires from photo of building using Repair Tool (example)

5) Sharpen an out-of-focus photo using Sharpening Tool (example)

View all Pixelmator on-line Tool Tutorials.




GraphicConverter - shareware with a zillion image formats including FITS, HAM and Doodle - long time Mac favorite - the Swiss Army Knife of file conversion and image doctoring - $39.95

Procreate (buy for $5.99 at Apple App Store) - using an iPad and one finger, UK artist Kyle Lambert demonstrates how to finger paint a very realistic portrait of Morgan Freeman.




How can you tell if your Intel-based Mac has a 32-bit or 64-bit processor? Click here.




RamDisk4Mac - run your Mac 40x faster - works on Intel OS10.6 or higher, SSD or regular HD - read review by
Charles Moore - purchase direct from PowerApps for $8.99

VueScan - this app will run just about any old scanner on OSX 10.5 to 10.9 - free to try - buy $39.




OWC (Other World Computing) - best prices and service for hard drives, memory, Mac peripherals

MONOPRICE - low prices and fast shipping for any kind of cables, adapters, wires (even great guitars!)




Watch Apple video

Yosemite - Apple announces next OS X to be released this fall - read full review at TidBits - also Gary at MacMost highlights new features (such as Mail markup) in Yosemite and IOS 8 (vid 6:58) - very helpful

ARM - is Apple dumping Intel for ARM-based Macs? Read Charles Moore article


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