March 2, 2015 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, Gene N, Jerry L, John M, Al J, Joe Y, George F, Russ C.

TOPIC : Q + A - 3 x 5


Each person brought some questions on a 3x5 card. We went through all of the questions, as well as variety of side topics that popped up.

Is anyone using 1Password?

1Password is an application made by AgileBits to create, apply and store all your website passwords in a single encrypted place on your computer. Only 'one' master password needs to be remembered (hence the name) . It costs $49 but is worth every cent, according to several people at our meeting who have used it over the years. Also available for Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android. The iOS version is a free download from the App Store. Download the computer version for Mac here (33MB).

How do you take a 'snapshot' of your screen?

A full screenshot can be captured by using keyboard combination of Command-Shift-3. The rsulting image is saved as a PNG file to your Desktop. A selected area can be captured by using Command-Shift-4. A screenshot will open in Preview and can be converted to different formats such as JPG or GIF by using 'File>Save As' option. More screenshot variations can be found here.

A screenshot can be taken on your iPad or iPhone by holding the 'Power Button' down, then press the 'Home' button. A camera shutter sound will be heard. The resulting image will be found in your Photos folder. You can send the image to your other computers via e-mail by clicking 'Share'. Read complete 'how to' article here.

When I open my MBP from sleep, it sometimes takes 30 seconds for it to wake up. Other times it is instantaneous. What's going on?

One possible remedy might be to 'Zap the PRAM' (this clears certain part of RAM memory which gets confused occasionally. To do this, restart MBP, and then at chimes, press and hold Command-Option-P-R (alias 'COPR'). Continue holding until you hear 2 more chimes, then release. This is also a recommended thing to do after installing new RAM.

My Mac is running slowly after I installed something called MacKeeper. What should I do?

Uninstall and get rid of all traces of MacKeeper (if you can) - avoid it at all costs. Read why here. (+update 5-13-15)

Sometimes when I am typing text, especially in an e-mail, all my work will suddenly disappear. What causes this?

If you are using an email application, especially on-line (such as Yahoo or Gmail), some keyboard keys cause unexpected behavior (such as the 'return' key or 'space' bar).

When playing a YouTube video with Safari, a small patch with 'Download' appears in upper right corner of video. How can I prevent this?

No one had an answer for this. It didn't seem to happen to other people viewing the same video on their computers. Possibly is some glitch in your computer or browser setup. Maybe related to AdBlock?

How do I transfer photos from my iPhone to iPhoto on a Mac?

If you have only one or two photos, you can simply e-mail them to your self; then import them into iPhoto's Library. If you have many photos on your iPhone, use the USB cable to connect your iPhone to your Mac computer - then open iPhoto and click on Device - 'iPhone' shown in the left margin - select Import All.

How can I create a 'cents' symbol in TextEdit?

Hold down the Option key, then press the $ key. This will produce the symbol ¢. his works on any Mac word processor as well as Mail. See more hidden symbols.

I need help in understanding iCloud.

The iCloud is a bunch of computers in a warehouse somewhere to which Apple allows you to copy a certain amount of your files. These in turn can be copied (synced) to your other devices such as iPhone or iPad. In Yosemite, iCloud Drive provides applications which you can use such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Joe shared some of his findings about iCloud Drive which can be read here.

How do I stop my Mac from reopening applications that were on when I shut it down?

When you Shutdown there comes a dialog. Disable the checkbox "reopen windows when logging back in"

Is Apple doing away with iPhoto and Aperture?

Both are being replaced by 'Photos for OSX' - read more about it - also Apple has a preview of the Photos app here .


< - What is this?

QR Code - means "Quick Response" - read about the history of QR.

QR Code Generator - create your own QR code - see example of how the above QR code was made.

Download a free QR reader from the App Store for your iPhone or iPad (such as QR Code Reader by Scan, Inc). Scan the above QR with your iPhone - it will connect you to the Hportmug website instantly.



Apple Watch - introduction "Spring forward" live on Apple TV on March 9 at 1pm EDT


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