April 6, 2015 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, George F, Gene N, Nancy D, John M, Luanne G, Lura H, Larry T, Al J.



Each person brought some questions related to iPad or iPhone.


Is there a way to take a 'screenshot' on an iPad or iPhone?

Yes. Here's how:

1) Hold Power button, then press Home button.
2) Hear camera shutter sound.
3) Find screenshot in Photos folder. (Read complete article here)

Home Button - press 1x to return to main screen of your iPhone or iPad

Home Button - press 2x to see recent activity history (you can clear each by brushing upward)

Home Button - press 3x to activate dictation to Siri (on iPad press and hold Home button)



How do I turn my iPhone into a flashlight?

Sweep up from bottom of screen to launch Control Panel - then tap Flashlight icon.

I need help understanding iCloud. What exactly is it and should I use it?

The iCloud is nothing more than a bunch of computers hooked together in a warehouse somewhere to which Apple allows you to securely upload and store your files. These files can, in turn, be copied (synced) to your other Apple devices. In Yosemite, iCloud Drive now also provides applications which you can use to read, create or edit files such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote. One reason for the iCloud is to save the limited storage space available on small devices. Another reason is to provide an off-site backup storage in case of fire, theft or destruction of your device. A third reason (and probably the most important to business) is to track, share and analyze consumer habits for marketing purposes.

Is Apple doing away with iPhoto and Aperture?

Yes. Both will be replaced by 'Photos for OSX' - read more about it - also Apple has a preview of the Photos app here .


Can I use my iPad with a VGA projector?

Yes. Here are two ways:

1) Connect your iPad directly to a VGA projector by using an Apple Lightning/VGA Adapter ($30 on eBay)


2) Connect your iPad wirelessly to a VGA projctor by using an app called AirServer ($14.99) - free 7 day trial - install this app on your Mac laptop - then on your wireless iPad - use AirPlay to locate and mirror iPad on Mac laptop - then connect VGA projector. (see article How to Install AirServer)


Read a great article called '10 Ways to Display Your iPad on a Projector Screen'


What is this image and what is its purpose?

It is a QR Code for the Hammondsport Mac Users Group website (

QR means "Quick Response" - read about the history of QR codes.

QR Code Generator - create your own QR code - see example of how the above QR code was made.

Download a free QR reader from the App Store for your iPhone or iPad (such as QR Code Reader by Scan, Inc). Scan the above QR with your iPhone - it will connect you instantly to (our website).

Tom passed out some printed copies of QR codes he had made for sites of interest (such as NYSEG Power Outage Map when the electricity fails and all you have is your cellular iPhone to find out why).


Is it possible to print from my iPad or iPhone?

Yes. Printer Pro - FREE at the moment (reg $6.99) in the App Store - print wirelessly from your iPad or iPhone via your Mac computer or a wireless printer.


I currently use an inexpensive Tracfone and have thousands of unused minutes on it. Is there a way to transfer them to an iPhone?

Yes, if you have an older Apple iPhone 4s (with Verizon SIM card) - you can now be set up for transfer of TracFone cell phone number and unused minutes via Tracfone's BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) option - read good article here - there is no contract plan needed - just purchase needed minutes once a year.


Is there a way to carry a backup battery when traveling with an iPhone or iPad?

One inexpensive solution to backup power is the Smart Power Bank which is a portable battery (about the size of a deck of cards) that can be used to recharge your iPhone or iPad via USB, as well as a power source itself. The Smart Power Bank can itself be recharged to capacity via a cable plugged into the iPad or iPhone's AC adapter. Cost is $19 from (product # 11356)



Apple iPad Support

Apple iPhone Support

iOS Tips and Tricks


QUESTIONS UNANSWERED - we will try to get to these questions next meeting - if you know the answer, come and share it.

How do I sync my iPhone with my iPad and iMac?

What does it mean to 'lock' your iPad while backing up to iCloud?

Is there a way to 'batch delete' photos w/o shift/clicking on each one?

When I resize a JPEG to fit 8.5" x 11" the bottom is cut off everytime - how can I prevent this?

How do I message and attach a picture?

Has anyone used an app called Viber that allows you to phone free to foreign countries if both use iPhones?

Is there a way to 'organize' bookmarks in Safari?

Is it possible to use spreadsheets with iPad?


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