May 4, 2015 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, Gene N, John M, Luanne G, Lura H, Larry T, Al J, Joe Y, Lyn C.



Questions from previous meeting that we didn't have time to discuss as well as new questions asked today:

How do I sync my iPhone with my iPad and iMac?

What does it mean to 'lock' your iPad while backing up to iCloud? Answer - also here

How can I keep my iPhone battery from draining so fast? Answer

Is there a way to 'batch delete' photos w/o shift/clicking on each one? Answer

How do I message and attach a picture? Answer

Has anyone used an app called Viber that allows you to phone free to foreign countries if both use iPhones? Is it safe? Answer - yes Answer - no

Is there a way to 'organize' bookmarks on iPhone in Safari? Answer : No automatic way in iOS - manually go to Favorites, tap Edit, then drag 3 bar icon next to each bookmark up or down in Favorites list.

Is it possible to use spreadsheets with iPad? Answer : Yes - use Numbers app - also iCloud Drive makes available Cloud apps such as Numbers - Microsoft Office Excel - but takes a lot of room

A 'pop-up warning' occurred on my iPad which said iOS had crashed and told me to click the link or call number to get help - my screen seems frozen and unresponsive - is this a scam?

Answer : yes - it is a scam - don't click any links or call any numbers - follow these steps to unfreeze screen and get rid of message:

1. Place iPad or iPhone in Airplane Mode to disconnect from internet (swipe up from bottom to reveal Control Panel)
2. Go to Settings > Safari > then Clear History and Website Data
3. Reopen Safari and all should be fixed.
4. Turn off Airplane Mode.

How do you move photos from your iPhone to your Mac computer? Answer:

1. Plug the USB cable into your iPhone and Mac.
2. Open iPhoto on Mac.
3. Find your device (iPhone) in left column of iPhoto.
4. Select photos on iPhone to be imported, then click 'Import All' or 'Import Selected'.
5. Choose to 'Save or Delete originals' on iPhone.
6. Disconnect USB cable.

Where on my hard drive are my original photo files located in iPhoto? Answer:

1. Go to User > Pictures > iPhoto Library.
2. Then right-click (or control-click) on iPhoto Library icon
3. Select Show Package Contents from menu, find folder called Originals > Year> .
(In OSX Yosemite, folder of originals is called Masters). Caution: Be careful not to move or change anything in these files. It is OK to copy/paste originals to another location or drive.

How can I erase and reformat an Apple Time Capsule HD which I wish to sell or give away? Answer

NOTE: Do not use Disk Utility to erase or reformat an Apple Time Capsule. Use the current version of AirPort Utility to erase an Apple Time Capsule disk using the following steps: 

1. Open AirPort Utility (it is located in Applications>Utilities).
2. Click the Disks tab.
3. Select the Apple Time Capsule disk.
4. Click the Erase... button.
5. Give the new volume a name and choose the desired erase mode.



Mac PC Classes online (free) - go to school from your home - video tutorial learning - very informative and well-done

Three Ways to Find Exact Location of a Lost File on your Mac:

1) If file is open, go to top Menu>File>Save as.. and note location in Where:

2) If file is open, Command-Click (or right-click) on the file 'Title' at top of its window to reveal its Proxy Path.

3) If file is not open, type file name into Search and then hover the cursor over the result to reveal its Proxy Path in a pop-up window



(QR Code Reader by Scan can be downloaded free for iPad and iPhone from the Apple App Store)




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Someone commented at our MUG meeting that it was getting harder to remember what we did at the last meeting - maybe we could just use the same topic over and over and still learn something new each month!

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