September 14, 2015 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, Gene N, Larry T, John M, Dottie E, Al J, Jerry L.

TOPIC : PHOTOS (the application)


Last spring Apple introduced a new app known as 'Photos' to replace iPhoto. We watched a couple good video tutorials on the similarities, differences and new features by Gary at MacMost :

Viewing and Organizing Photos In the New Photos App 4/13/15 (6:48)

Editing With the Photos App 4/29/15 (7:32)

Mac Photos App Tips and Tricks 5/6/15 (7:47)



Jerry's Recent Experience with Malware (?)

Jerry L gave us a report on his recent experience of losing his Mac hard drive and external backup clone to a possible malware (or maybe just a freak coincidence). Fortunately he was able to replace all lost files from other backup sources. The problem began when he volunteered to take a look at a friend's external HD which could not be opened. Jerry highly recommended making regular backups using Apple's Time Machine app, as well as cloning with Carbon Copy Cloner ($39) or SuperDuper (free).

Note: CCC and paid version of SD will work much faster on subsequent clonings after initial copy of HD.

OSX: Why You Need a Hard Drive Clone - good article at MacObserver


KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS - how to select multiple files:

Use SHIFT + CLICK to select multiple sequential files from a list or icon view

Use COM + CLICK to select mutiple non-sequential files from a list or icon view



Ghostery - free ad-blocking app (maybe the best ever) - speeds up your browser! Be amazed how many invisible ads are running on your favorite sites (such as the local newspaper below).

Ghostery available for all browsers

Pros + Cons: Interesting article about how Ghostery might help advertisers.



Solar-powered plane completes five-day journey across the Pacific - read


Apple User Groups Fade But Devotees Press On - read article in NY Times


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