April 4, 2016 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, Jerry L, Gene N, Nancy D, Russ C, Al J, Joe Y and Carol B.


At our 'spring' meeting today we discussed a variety of questions, comments and experiences.




DISCUSSION - Battery Health

The health of your battery can be ascertained by going to the Apple icon > About This Mac > System Information > Power > Battery Information > Battery Health.

Tom invited everyone to plug in their computers to the power strips on the table, if they wished to save their battery life. It was noted that it is good to run your Mac's battery completely down occasionally to the point that the computer will automatically shut off. Then plug in your AC adapter to fully recharge the battery to 100%. The number of Cycles (recharges) increases with the age and use of the battery, dependent on how often you unplug and replug the AC adapter. The Full Capacity mAh shows original capacity of battery compared to its current capacity (Charge remaining). An old battery can show 100% but have much less capacity (thus time) before being run down.

New OEM batteries can often be found on eBay for under $40; also at Other World Computing for $99. It is easy to change out an old battery by using iFixit tutorials (see example 13" MBPro 2010). A handy quality toolset is available from iFixit as well.


DISCUSSION - Computer Sluggishness

Slow-running Macs can often be helped by maxing out the RAM. OWC has great prices, as well as a helpful chart showing maximum RAM for your specific computer. Russ discovered here that his 13" 2009 MBPro could be upgraded from its current 2GB of RAM to 8GB for about $50 (or up to 4GB for $29).


DISCUSSION - Previously Downloaded OS X Installers No Longer Work (after Feb 14, 2016)

Read about it at TidBits and how to remedy the problem.


DISCUSSION - 18 iPhone Tricks Apple Doesn't Want You to Know

Read some very helpful tips



Watch Humorous Reaction of Teens to a 20-year-old Computer and OS.



DISCUSSION - a certain Facebook page stays blank white in my browser.

Turn off any ad-blocking apps for that page (such as Adblock or Adblock Plus)



Tom reported on his successful trip using inexpensive airbnb lodging in Arizona. Only $19 per night !


Read how to make a bootable Installer drive for El Capitan on a 16GB USB thumbdrive.


Preview - you can now proportionly resize images by using the Tools > Adjust Size... (even alpha files) - look up names, phone numbers or addresses


Security Update 2016-002 (Mavericks and Yosemite) -- Apple has issued Security Update 2016-002 for OS X 10.9 Mavericks and 10.10 Yosemite with a few security fixes that cross over from the concurrently released 10.11.4 El Capitan (see “OS X 10.11.4 Improves Notes, iBooks, and Live Photo Support,” 21 March 2016).

The update patches an Apache-related vulnerability associated with processing a maliciously crafted .png file that could lead to arbitrary code execution, multiple memory corruption issues related to XML, and an issue with OpenSSH that could expose an information leak and a buffer overflow. (Free. For 10.9.5 Mavericks, 370.8 MB; for 10.10.5 Yosemite, 462.1 MB)


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