Past Meetings

May 2, 2016 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, Jim P, Jerry L, Al J, Russ C and Gene N.






Tom gave a short demo of how easy it is to convert a cut from an old LP record to a digital MP3 file.


What You WIll Need:

1) Turntable with RCA outputs (such as the Crosley Cruiser above - currently selling for $59 at Target)

Aux IN and RCA Out

2) RCA cable with mini-stereo plug to fit into your Mac's audio-in port.

3) Audacity - free multi-track audio editor and recorder application - download (32MB)


35-sec sample of LP Vinyl to Digital MP3 using Audacity (New Morning by Bob Dylan 1970)

Audacity User Manual - view online

LAME MP3 encoder - download if you wish to export MP3 files with Audacity (245k)




Jerry brought a couple old hard drives which he ripped apart with his bare hands to show us what was inside. Very interesting. The smaller 2.5" hard drive is used in laptops and the larger one ( 3.5") for desktop computers. Both use a rotating disc which stores data magnetically (unlike CDs which use light reflection).





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