August 1, 2016 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, Jim P, Jerry L, Al J, Russ C, John M, Larry T and Gene N.


Our meeting opened with each person sharing something about jobs in their lives:

  • the first job ever paid for
  • the worst job ever endured (even for a day)
  • the job most enjoyed


Emergency Links for Hammondsport area - such as NYSEG Power Outage map

Eton Clipray LED Light - handy crank-powered flashlight has USB port for charging a cell phone as well - $15

NOTE: If you bought one of these and it developed a sticky surface, learn how to clean up this problem using a degreaser such as Purple Power or oven degreaser.




MacMost Tutorial - the 4 Mac techniques you need to master - watch video (9 min)

  • Drag and Drop
  • Using Menus
  • Context Menu
  • Copy and Paste

OS X Hidden Treasures : Copy and Paste - read Tidbits article

(Find out about Mac's little-known Secondary Clipboard using 'Kill' and 'Yank')

Activity Monitor - found in the Utilities folder (Desktop Menu>Go>Utilities>Activity Monitor) - it can display information about processes running on your computer, the processor, disk, memory,and network. You can set up floating windows that show your % CPU usage, or even set up the Activity MonitorDock icon to display this activity.




T-Shirt Wisdom 2 - view


Help! I'm under a tack - view




MALWARE SCAMS - more false pop-up boxes or phone calls warning of virus, malware or adware infecting your Mac - DO NOT CALL HELP NUMBER - do not out give out any information about your computer to callers

Some Apple Support Facts About Viruses, Trojans, Malware - read article

DetectX2 - Tom gave a quick demo of how use this simple little app to check and rid your Mac of any malware files - works quickly and efficiently on all OSX versions (also an older version for Snow Leopard availble) - read more about this free trial app from Squarq - download free trial or buy for $15.




What the Heck is Pokemon Go? Read Tidbits article about this Altered Reality game.

On the iPhone, Virtual Reality Is Unofficially Real - read Tidbits article

West Virginia town bans cell phones, WiFi - read article

British pub blocks cell phone signal to be more social - read article



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