March 6, 2017 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, Gene N, Nancy D, Russ C, John M and Al J.





ISSUES recently experienced by some of us:


Airplay - Issue with dropout using Airport Express wifi

Apple seems to have fixed it


Network printer jobs issue - 'mystery prints' from unknown external source - others around the world seem to have this problem too

Read security article regarding printer 'hacker god' - check firewall to be sure all ports closed or protected



1 Password Error Message - '1Password fails to connect to 1Password mini'

Resolve by going to Agilebits website and downloading latest update




How to Copy a List of Browser Favorites for Use on your iPhone/ iPad -

1) Go to your computer's web browser (such as Safari)

2) Open your Bookmarked Favorites ( Safari> Bookmarks>Show all Bookmarks)

3) Select all the bookmarks in a folder you wish to copy - Edit>Copy (or COM-C)

4) Paste into a blank TextEdit document

5) Select all, then copy all from Textedit document

6) Open new email - paste into the body of the new email - send it to yourself at an online account (such as Yahoo)

7) Using your iPhone or iPad, go to the online accont, open the email, click on any of your favorite bookmarked sites

How to Quickly Delete All Emails from iPhone

1) Open Up 'Mail'

2) Tap 'Edit'

3) Tap Trash All

To delete selected Emails

1) Tap 'Edit'

2) Select specific emails to be deleted

3) Tap 'Trash'



Use QR CODE to access a specific website in emergency (such as power outage)

Make your own QR Code at

Download free QR Reader App by Scan here

Be sure your cell phone Settings allow Cellular use for QR Reader -

On your iPhone - Go to Settings> Cellular>Use Cellular Data for> QR Reader > ON





Great Buy on Used Epson S1+ Projectors on eBay here






Do monkeys show early evolution of human language ? - read here


Is Multitasking Bad for your Brain??? - read here and here


Algorithms: Artificial Intelligence (Ai) - creepy control must be open to inspection - read here


Cellphone Hack Causes Overload of 911 Calls - read here and here


7 Best Free Alternative Word Processors for PC and Mac - read here




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