June5, 2017 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, Al J, Gene N, Jerry L, Russ C, John M and Bill M.




Macs Infected by Windows Malware Disguised as Flash - read iDrop article

Accidental Hero Finds Kill Switch to Stop Ransomware Cyber Attack - read Guardian article





How to check your Mac for Malware

DetectX from Sqwarq - use for free with countdown reminder - or buy for $10

MalwareBytes - free app to remove adware, malware in a few seconds


Speed Up Your Mac - add RAM - 16GB (2x8) for MacBook Pro mid 2010 and newer - $95 (eBay) $120 (OWC)


1Password - can now be purchased only via subscription plan - one-time license fee no longer available to buy (but existing can still be used - more here)


Click Farms - how fake news and 'trending' social media narratives can be pushed with a single click on 10,000 phones - read Mirror article



View Source (HTML) - what ever happened to this option in the Safari menu bar?


Answer: Go to Safari Prefs > Advanced > check Show Develop menu. The Safari Menu will now show Develop tab- select Show Page Source


On a recent bicycle trip, Gene discovered that he was accidentally dialing 9-1-1 on his AppleWatch. He had strapped his gloves tightly which pushed the buttons. He received some callbacks from 9-1-1 who was able to track him via GPS location.


KEYBOARD MAGIC - Use ‘OPTION’ with Desktop Finder Menu to reveal hidden options (such as Library under Go)
Also- freely move open windows w/o snagging alignment by holding Option as you drag or stretch windows.


NEXT MEETING - August 7, 2017 - 10:30am

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