February 5, 2018 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B,Gene N, Bill M, John M, Al J, Jerry L, and Nancy D.




Waldorf School - pencil/paper - no computers - read article in NYT

Apple IS Slowing Down Your Old iPhone (but There’s a Good Reason) - read why at MacObserver

Apple Reportedly Working on 3 Macs with Custom Apple Co-Processors for 2018




APPLE MacBook PRO Design

"A Touch of Genius" by Jony Ives - watch video (3min)




DEMO - Jerry gave an interesting and thorough demonstration of how he photographs a rare postage stamp with his iPhone, transfers it to his computer, selects and enters the image into the LignUp database search - see Jerry's PDF handout for details.

see demo screenshot

LignUp Stamp Collector - great app for researching, defining and establishing value of postage stamps - free demo version - Mac or Windows - OSX 10.9 or higher - $29 to buy - free Demo version

see demo screenshot - free on-line website resource for all kinds of collection hobbies (from stamps to baseball cards, from beer coasters to postcards)

Tom asked if these tools would also work for e-mail stamps : )





Firefox Quantum - Mozilla's newest version web browser (v. 57) - twice as fast as a year ago! Minimum req OSX 10.9-10.13 (Lion to High Sierra) - Read more - download (10.1MB)


MyScript Calculator - iPad or iPhone (iOS) - download from Apple App Store (99¢)







10 Low Tech Hacks for High Tech Gadgets
(that You Didn't Know Existed)

  1. Don't Step on them!
  2. Super secret drawer
  3. Bring on the wine
  4. Hand-made speakers
  5. Sound Advice
  6. Add a little cushion
  7. Project Yourself!
  8. Tie 'em up
  9. Getting you out of a bind
10. Forget about lights...string your cords


Apple Battery Life Recycles - read Apple's recommendations for extending all battery life




< enlarge

Flashdrives for iPhone - offload your iPhone photos to free up space on the go

Sandisk 32GB - $39 - 16GB (eBay) - $19



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