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March 5, 2018 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B,Gene N, Bill M, John M and Al J.




Hammondsport Emergency Links

The massive snow storm that hit our area over the weekend reminded us once again just how dependent we are on electricity in our modern world. The wet snow (12-20" in places) clung to trees and limbs, and then froze in place as cold temps followed. This caused many, many power outages across the Southern Tier of New York. Five days later there were still 600+ homes without power in Steuben county alone. A few years ago Tom set up a Local Emergency Blog for the Hammondsport area that could be reached via internet modem using a telephone landline (which is usually still working when there is no power) or a cell phone (if the cell towers are still operating). Many emergency links and phone numbers are listed, including the NYSEG Outage List with estimated restoration times.




Nest Cam - new subscription rates (low as $5 per month)



Epson 4750 EcoTank Printer - all-in-one super tank printer, copier, scanner, FAX - enough ink included to print 14,000 pages black and 11,200 color - $399 Amazon - recommended by Kim Kommando (listen on AM-820 Elmira -Saturdays 10am-1pm



DetectX by Sqwarq - find and eliminate hidden Malware files on your Mac running macOS 10.7+

DetectX Swift - macOS 10.11+

NOTE: If you have MacKeeper on your computer (or even see those words), you have a malware problem - get rid of all the corrupting files by using either of the above DetectX apps. They are both free to use indefinitely.



DEMOS FOR FUTURE MEETINGS - We will take turns demonstrating, exploring and discovering everything we can about each of these amazing default apps that come with every macOS computer.

What is macOS? Basic Apps explained

Mac High Sierra (OS 10.13.3) Overview


AUTOSAVE / REVERT - the latest OS apps from Apple will Auto-Save your edited documents after the initial Save. Though this is handy for a lot of work, it can sometimes by annoying if you changed something and then decided you didn't like it. However, there is another option in the File menu - Revert To... (see how to)



Three computer scientists at University of Michigan have reverse-engineered a recording of the sound and think they know what made 24 people sick at the American embassy in Havana -read article - see technical report (PDF)


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