Past Meetings

January 7, 2019 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, Gene N, Nancy D, Al J, John M, Bill M, Russ C, Daniel M.



Recording Audio

1) Desktop or Laptop - use built-in Mic and on-board apps such as Quicktime Player to produce a digital file (either MP3 or M4A) from live sound

2) iPhone or iPad - use built-in Mic and free apps such as Voice Memos or Voice Record fro the App Store

3) Mac to Mac connected by stereo mini-plug cable using the sound ports in both - source computer plays online video/audio while recording computer captures audio via Quicktime Player Audio Recording - change input/output in System Prefs > Sound

4) Digital Recorder - such as EVISTR L36 ($38 Amazon) - produces MP3 file - simple to use - has built-in MIC and LINE IN - record up to 45 hours on single battery charge (see Owners Manual PDF)

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5) Some web browsers such as SLIMJET will download audio files from online videos.

Read how to download online video/audio files with one click.


Editing Audio

Audacity - FREE app for Mac or PC - import digital files into this free audio editor to trim unneeded data, enhance quality (use Effects 'Normalize' feature), reduce file size by 50% (Tracks - mix Stereo down to Mono), export as MP3 to replace original file. (Note: Audacity cannot edit M4A format but you can convert M4A to MP3 in iTunes and then edit in Audacity)


Publishing Audio

Use an HTML app to create a webpage to share your sound file with the public - such as professional Dreamweaver, Rapidweaver, or free BBEdit

A couple HTML codes to play onine audio files:

<p <a href="myaudiofile.mp3">LISTEN</a></p>

This code will produce a visible controller on blank background when clicked. See example we made at the meeting.

<video src="myaudiofile.mp3" width=240 height=41 autoplay=true controller=true pluginspage="">

This code will produce an autoplay of sound file as page is displayed, but no controller. See example we made at the meeting.

Cyberduck - free FTP app to upload webpage files to your hosting server (such as Machighway)

Rapidweaver - affordable website design application



Did you know that you can use Apple's Preview App to:

1. Create a personal 'signature' for digital documents such as email? - see how

2. Resize a photo to smaller dimensions and file size? - see how

3. Alter or enhance color in a photo? - see how

4. Fill in data on a digital form application? (Preview>Tools>Annotate>Text) - see how



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