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How do I adjust a digital file which was accidently made backwards from a slide?

Open the JPG or PNG file with Preview (usually the default app on a Mac). Go to the Preview Menu at top > Tools > Flip Horizontally (or whichever orientation is needed). Then Save. The app Photos also has these features



How do I delete an unwanted App from my Mac?

The simplest way is to find the App's icon in your Application folder. Then drag it into the Trash. Empty Trash. Another way is to use a free utility such as AppCleaner. Just drag the unwanted app into AppCleaner and click Trash. This also gets rid of hidden files related to the unwanted app.



When I click on a text file, it doesn't open in the Application I want to use. How to I change that behavior?

Right-Click (or Control-Click) on the text file to show its Contextual Menu - click 'Open With" to choose the App you wish to use. To make it the permanent default, go to Get Info for that file. Select preferred app to open it everytime. To make all files with same format open in same way, click 'Change All'




I think my computer has malware or something controlling Safari and windows closing. Also I keep seeing 'MacKeeper' on files and don't know what it is. What do I do?

Download free DetectX by Sqwarq - use DetectX Swift for OS 10.11 or higher - DetectX for 10.7 and up. install and then run a scan for malware. Deletes any suspicious files that are found in your system. Very easy (and fast) to use. When done just quit the app. You can use the basic app free or pay $10 for some other options.




How do I use a small part of a video in a presentation?

First make a duplicate of the original video file (Select > File > Duplicate) . Then select the dupe video, right click, open with Quicktime Player. Go to QT Menu at top of screen > Edit > Trim. Move the yellow bars at start and end of your video clip to select and Trim the unneeded parts of your video. Click Trim to finish.




How can I see the data that has been collected about me by Apple via my Apple ID account?

Log into your Apple ID account (see brief preview of process here)





How can I speed up my iPad? It seems to be getting sluggish.

Other than buying a new iPad, try these 6 WAYS TO SPEEDUP YOUR AGING IPAD:

  • Update and Restart
  • Turn off Background App Refresh
  • Clear out Your Storage
  • Reduce Motion and Transparency
  • Clear out Safari
  • Turn off Siri or Similar Services You Don't Use

Read details in this article from iDrop News





Severe Weather Alert Website - this is a great link to place on your iPhone while travelling - it loads fast (all text) - updates every few minutes - gives summary of severe weather in United States - burrow down for more data.




Foldable iPhone? Can glass bend? Read Business Times article about Apple's latest patent application.




Cool Pen - Kikkerland 6 in 1 Pen Tool $7 - Amazon (2pack $14)

  • Ball Point Pen
  • Bubble Level
  • Metric Ruler
  • Inch Ruler
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Flat Screwdriver




Are Bans on Plastic Bags Garbage? Read NPR article.




Village Square Cam - Live 24-hour View - Hammondsport NY



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