November 2, 2020 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, Jim W, John M, Sandi S, Russ C




How to Set Up and Use a Nest Cam


Read Step-by-Step Tutorial HERE

Tom gave a ZOOM demo on how to set up a Nest cam and on-line Nest account.

Easily done in 20 minutes (usually) except during Tom's demo : )


FIVE points to emphasize about NEST Cam:

1) Initial Setup always begins by plugging the Nest Cam into your computer via the USB cable.

2) A setup app will automatically launch from the camera onto your desktop - then just click and follow the directions on screen.

3) Your Nest Cam operates via electricity plugged into an outlet - no batteries to replace.

4) Once setup, there is no cost to use and view the camera online.

5) The best buy is the Indoor Nest Cam purchased on eBay - your initial install of any Nest camera into a new account will give you a 30-day free Nest Aware capability which includes 10-day video capture and preservation.




Your installed Nest Cam can easily be turned on and off via your cell phone, iPad, or Laptop from any location in the world. Also instant alerts are sent via push notifications and emails whenever activity is spotted by the cam. Two way sound can be activated for instant communication via your Nest Cam and iPhone, iPad or computer from a distant location. After dark the Nest Cam automatically switches to infrared exposure even in complete blackness. A free 30-day trial subscription of Nest Aware starts when you install your Nest camera into a new account. After that expires, you can select a Nest Aware subscription at the level you need, or just use the camera with alerts and single picture capture for free. An accessory outdoor cam mount is available for $15 from Amazon.

Go to Nest Cam website to see and learn much more.



Hammondsport Village Square - via Nest Cam at Chamber of Commerce.





Download Video Clips from Your Nest Cam - here




Nest Cam Outdoor - Overview - Specs - buy new ($199) - or used at eBay

Nest Cam Indoor Overview - Specs - FAQ - buy new ($129) - or used at eBay

Accessory adjustable mount for outdoor cam - Amazon ($15)





How to Adjust iPhone CAM Exposure

1. Tap camera view to show yellow square with sun icon.

2. Then slide finger up or down on screen to adjust exposure.

3. Take picture.


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