March 1, 2021 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, Bob G, Al J, John M, Sandi S, Larry T, Russ C.


We took turns sharing our recollections of our first experiences with computers - how little we understood and how much things have changed in our world since then . . .



Epic Games has announced a new, browser-based software tool powered by its Unreal Engine called the MetaHuman Creator that can craft highly realistic human faces and help power more realistic body movements and facial animations. Epic provided a sneak peek at the platform today in a pair of YouTube videos showing off examples of creations built using the MetaHuman Creator, and “metahuman” appears to be the term the company is using to describe this brand of virtual, non-real individual.

Creating convincing digital humans has traditionally been hard, slow, and expensive. With MetaHuman Creator, the time to create a unique digital human of the highest quality, complete with hair and clothing, is slashed. Here, we provide a first look at the new tool.



What are 'Cookies' and should I agree to accept them when I browse websites?

Cookies are marketing tools used to gather feedback and data from web users. Mostly they are harmless and allow for quicker access to the site on revisits. Also useful info is supplied to the website owner to help in providing a better product to a customer (see example from this site). Typically the cookie transmits data such as type of computer used, Operating System, location of user's internet service provider (ISP), IP number, webpages visted and length of time at each site. This data can be hidden or blocked by the user via Proxy servers or VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Learn how to view (and delete) Cookies in your Safari browser here.

Read more about Cookies at Kaspersky.



How can I download an MP4 Video or MP3 Audio from YouTube to my Mac?

Use the Slimjet Browser to do this -
See how - Step-by-Step Tutorial

Download latest version of Slimjet + install

Also you will need to update the proprietary decoder file libffmpeg.dylib - explained here





How can I view the Page Source of a website in Safari? (at one time there was a View option for Page Source but no longer)

In Safari Prefs go to the 'Advanced' tab and check the 'Show Develop menu' at bottom.

Then go to the website you wish to view and in the Safari Menu select Develop>Show Page Source

You will be able to view the HTML coding.


How can I open multiple Safari windows to make it easier to obtain my verification codes from additional sites such as email?





Look at the latest NASA Mars Photos!

CLICK to see CLOSEUP of strange debris in Martian photo


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