May 3, 2021

Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, John M, Sandi S, Jim W, Russ C, Jeannette F, Larry T, Bob G (almost)



Can I view and record through my iPhone camera while it is tethered to my MBPro with a charging cable?

Use QuickTime Player found on every Mac - go to QuickTime>File>New Movie Recording. When the Record window opens, select the iPhone cam on the list next to the Red Dot.

This is a very handy feature for repair work under floors, behind walls or ceiling spaces where you cannot fit your head to see.


What is the easiest way to connect an iPhone (or iPad) to a VGA projector to share photos or slideshows with a large group?

Use a Lightning to VGA Adapter - $12 (ebay) or $49 (Apple) - connect and project your iPhone or iPad to a VGA projector or TV. (Note: no audio throughput - need separate connection for sound such as RCA stereo mini-cable from earphone port to sound system). For long presentations, your iPhone battery can be maintained by connecting a USB charging cable into the extra port next to VGA port)






Recent Safari 14.1 update does not work right with Mojave or Catalina - some websites will not load right

Temporary fix: turn off JavaScript in Safari Prefs>Security>Uncheck Enable JavaScript but that does not completely fix things.

BETTER FIX : Reinstall the current OS you are using (Mojave or Catalina) to restore earlier version of Safari

5/1/21 Note: Apple has pulled Safari 14.1 Update for Mojave/Catalina- read more



Where can I find an 'install version' of an older Mac OS systems which is no longer listed at Apple?

Go to Apple Support here to find and download install versions of earlier MacOS systems (Mojave and Catalina)




Inside an International Tech-Support Scam - article in AARP magazine - read here






Tom demonstrated how the amazing jumping 'Download Flea' could find your Download Folder on the Dock, no matter where you happen to place it - Left, Right or Bottom - amazing technology!

Test it yourself by downloading any Apple PDF Manual you might need - just right click on the one you want to download the linked file and watch the flea jump!


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