June 7, 2021

Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, Al J, Bill M, John M, Jeannette F, Jim W, Russ C


How can I make a shortcut icon to a specific website on my Mac desktop (as I can do on my iPhone)?

Besides dragging the website URL into the Favorites Bar in Safari, you can also go to File>Save As> Web Archive to Desktop. See how

How can I save ink when printing a screenshot of text with gray areas?

Use Preview to adjust color balance to eliminate unneeded middle tones. See how


How can I view all recent files I have opened on my computer?

Click on the desktop, then go to Finder>File>New Finder Window - this will open all recent files which can be sorted by Date, Size, Kind, etc. Individual files can be permanently deleted by right-clicking and Sending to Trash.


How can I change my computer display resolution so that all the windows stay within one screen view?

Open System Preferences and select Display - in older Macs you will see a list of resolution sizes - try different ones. (Note: you can find your computers Default Resolution in the System Report - See how

On newer Macs, the display resolution can be changed by going to System Preferences> Display and clicking the Scaled view to increase or decrease the sizes


Can my older Mac be speeded up by increasing the RAM to a higher amount than is listed as maximum?

Yes. Many older models that shipped with 4GB standard (upgradeable to 8GB) can, in fact, be maxed out at 16GB for additional speed and performance. Check OWC for the proper RAM for your model.


How can I transfer my Voice Memo recordings from my iPhone to my computer?

Since many recordings are too large to email, you might try using a free DROPBOX account to transfer larger files.


What makes my computer fan run so much since I updated my OS?

NVRAM or PRAM may need reset (zapped) on your Mac - see Apple Support article on how to do this on different Macs.

If that doesn't help, try resetting SMC (System Management Controller) - see Apple support article on how to do this.


Should I update my OS to Big Sur?

If your computer tells you that it can be done, go ahead and update - but backup your current HD just in case things don't work as you would like - some older apps may not work or show glitches - you can check on compatibility for many apps at Roaring Apps


How can I check the health of my Mac laptop battery? It doesn't seem to hold a charge very long anymore.

Besides the quick view in Top Menu, you can find detailed info in System Information in About his Mac - see how



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