April 4, 2022

Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, Dan M, Russ C, Bob G, Larry T, John M, Gene N, (Nancy D).



How can I connect older USB devices to my MacBook Pro that only has USB-C ports?

Buy some adapters to use your older device cables with the USB-C ports

^ USB-C to USB-3.0 - eBay $10

^ USB-C 7in1 Multi Port - eBay $20



How can I manage all my passwords?

Try 1Password - free trial - $2.99mo

Also the built-in Apple utility 'Keychain Access' can be handy to look up forgotten passwords
See how here



Should I update to macOS 12 Monterey?

See New Features

If your computer tells you that it can be done, go ahead and update - but first backup your current HD just in case things don't work as you would like - some older apps may not work or show glitches - you can check on compatibility for many apps at Roaring Apps




How can I know if my older apps will work in the latest Apple macOS before I upgrade?

Check out the website Roaring Apps to see how other users have rated compatibility using any macOS.

Compatibility Table - 8000+ Apps tested




Is it possible to scan a document without a standard scanner?

Use the Notes app on your iPhone along with the scan option (camera) - see how.




I cannot log into my American Express account - just get a message that
'login failed' - how can I check to see if that website is having problems?

Go to website DownDetector! which shows all major websites having current issues + user comments - you can also add your own feedback.




How can I tell if malware is infecting my computer - Safari is behaving very oddly with ads popping up and my homepage has been changed.

Run the free malware detector DetectX Swift - download from Squarq - takes a matter of seconds to find any suspicious malware files and helps you eliminate them with a click.



Is there a way to 'broadcast' music or radio programs found on the internet to play into my home's FM radios?

Yes - use an FM transmitter such as the Griffin RocketFM plugged into your computer via USB - default frequency is 88.1 but changeable - a great use for an old Mac to act as a music server for your home.



What Is Bitcoin Mining?

We discussed this topic a little bit.
None of us understand it (yet).

What Is Bitcoin?

What Is Blockchain?

3 Concepts of Blockchain

What Is Bitcoin Mining in Blockchain?

Bitcoin vs. Traditional Currencies



Will 5G Interfere with Airline Safety?

Verizon and AT&T have rejected a request by the U.S. government to delay the rollout of next-generation wireless technology - read more



AirTag Abuse

Concerns Grow Over Reports Of Apple AirTags Being Used To Stalk People
- watch Today Show report (5m16s)




10 Helpful iPhone Tips - Apple Support
Watch YouTube video (5m10s)

1-Erase digit in Calculator
2-Pin shared content
3-Stack widgets
4-Select multiple photos to another app
5-Text replacement time saver
6-Open cam w/ locked iPhone
7-Scan documents w/ cam to Notes
8-Use live text w/ cam
9-Jump to first photo in group
10-Search from Home Screen




Use 'Reader View' Option to view online articles w/o ads and much larger font - - just click on the icon when you see it in your browser URL window. For example: WVIN NEWS



Dan brought a stack of brand new MacFormat magazines to give to anyone who would like
them - we will pass them out at upcoming meetings until they are all gone. Thanks Dan.



We meet 1st Monday every month - 10:30am


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