October 3, 2022

Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, John M, Russ C, Sandi S, Bob G, Bill M, Jo W, Al J.



Apple introduced the Macintosh computer in 1984 in a Super Bowl ad (38 years ago!)


Q 1 : Where were you in 1984?

Q 2 : What were you doing that year?

Q 3 : What is your main use of an Apple device on a regular basis?


How can I add captions to my pictures in Photos on my iPhone, iPad or Laptop?

Read this article


How can I download files from my iCloud before I delete it?

Check out suggestions on this site.

Why is my cursor so slow in closing files or images? I have to click several times to get it to work.

Your cursor actions can be altered by going to your System Prefs > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad to change the speed and other variables - go to System Prefs > Display to change Cursor size and location feature


Is there a fast way to close open windows on my Mac?

Use the Keyboard shortcut COM+W to close the ACTIVE window or OPT+COM+W to close ALL open windows

(See all Mac KB shortcuts)


How can I replace a broken screen on my iPad or iPhone?

Services are found in many areas for home calls for glass repair - some are even included in Apple Repair Warranties you may have purchased with your device - see example


How can I back up my iPhone to my computer instead of the iCloud?

Follow these steps



iPhone celebrates its 15 year birthday - see a visual history of all models, release dates and innovative features here



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