March 6, 2023

Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING: Tom B, Bill M, Jo W, Sandi S, John M, Jeannette F.



What is the best FREE QR Reader for my iPhone?

Since iOS11, your iPhone's Camera app is the most convenient and safest QR Reader. It identifies the URL website before you tap to connect.

Give it a try with your iPhone cam:

You can create your own QR codes for free at



How can I create a 'GROUP' of contacts for emailing one message to multiple recipients via BCC?

Open the app 'Contacts' - create a New Group (Contacts>File>New Group), Name it, then drag/copy desired email addresses into it. Add 'Show BCC' window in your Mail app.




I can no longer access my iCloud using my username and password since moving to a new Apple device. Are all my photos lost?

Check to be sure you are using the correct username and password for your Apple ID - you may have more than one ID (even several). There is a separate iCloud connected to each account.

for Apple ID here



How can I quickly locate a specific email buried in my old Mail messages?

In Mail, select the folder in which you wish to search, then in the 'Search' window type a couple words related to the email subject. You should see a list of possible emails appear.



Is there a quick way to search a single webpage to find a specific word or number?

After going to the webpage, use Keyboard shortcut Command-F to produce a Search box - type in word, phrase or number to be searched for - search results will be instantly highlighted in Yellow, then white.



Where is Disk Utility app located on my Mac computer and how is it used?

Disk Utility is found in the Utilities folder (Finder>Go>Utilities) and can be used for many things, including formatting, partitioning or erasing a Hard Drive, USB Drive, or other external disk. Also it can help repair some problems, and provide overall information about the health of the disk.



Are FaceBook and Twitter going to charge for secure authentication logins?

Yes - read more here and here.



And a couple questions we didn't get to:

What is the meaning of life?



Why does my knee hurt?


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