November 6, 2023

Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING: Tom B, Sandi S, Al J, Jo W, John M, Bob G, Bill M.



Each person brought some of their favorite time-saving tricks and shortcuts they use daily with their Macs, iPhones and iPads. Here are some of the tricks shared:


1. Open a folder of photos on your Mac. Select one file. Then press the spacebar.

The photo selected will launch to full screen. Then press the Down Arrow on KB to proceed to next photo.


2. Add a 'period' (and space) when typing by tapping the spacebar 2X. Note: be sure KB Sys Prefs show that option checked. This trick is especially handy with iPhone/iPad keyboard due to multiple screens.


3. Single click (or tap) to insert cursor I-beam into a word. Double-click to select the whole word. Triple-click to select entire sentence. Then you can COM-C to copy, then COM-V to paste.

4. Annotate a photo, screenshot or image with Preview (arrow, box, words + more).


5. Quickly find a missing file you just saved by opening a new file, then select 'Save as' or 'Duplicate' to see the last target location. Or right-click on the file Title at top to reveal the Proxy Path. Your lost file will be in the same folder.


6. QUICK SEARCH - Find a word, phrase or number on a webpage filled with a lots of data by using the KB shortcut COM-F. Type in the search word, then look for the highlighted matches.


7. Send recorded voice msg on iPhone or iPad using Apple's Voice Memos app.

Open Voice Memos, tap 'Record' symbol, speak message into mic on end of iPhone, tap Stop. Select Share from 3dots. Select Email or Msg. Send file.


8. COMMAND-SHIFT-4 - greatest KB shortcut of all times! Take a screen shot of selected area of Desktop, Browser window, or files. On iPhone or iPad, you can capture a screenshot by simultaneously pressing Shutdown button with Home button (or volume button on newer models). Screenshot will save to your Photos.






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