QUICK TIPS for Mac Laptops

To START UP - push POWER BUTTON in upper right corner

To OPEN-CLOSE CD TRAY - near F12 key
To LOAD USB STICK - insert into USB slot
To EJECT a CD or USB STICK - drag its icon to TRASH (Com+E)
  To LAUNCH an APPLICATION - double-click its icon
To CLOSE a WINDOW - click Red Ball at top left of window
CAPTURE A PICTURE of any part of any screen: COM+SHIFT+4
This turns the cursor into crosshairs which can be placed at any spot.
Then click, hold and drag diagonally to frame an area to be captured.
Release to hear a 'shutter sound' and a PNG file will appear on Desktop.
TROUBLE-SHOOTING FIXES for endless looping or system freeze:
FORCE QUIT APP - Option+Command+Esc
FORCE REBOOT - Control+Command+Power (the 3-finger salute)
If none of the above help, hold down Power Button 5 seconds, release, reboot
  Quick Assist - get Apple help for any Mac activity / KB Shortcuts
Key Combinations for various Startup modes using Intel-based Macs
  * Mavericks 10.9 & up requires Control Key with Power Button

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