PatchBurn 4

Developed by Christian Möller in RealBasic 5.5.5 using the MBS-plug-in.

© 2005 by Christian Möller


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If you run into problems during installation or after, please read the PatchBurn FAQ under:

This is an early alpha version of PatchBurn 4. It does not have all intended features and it will work on Mac-OS 10.4 (Tiger) only.

Program Use

This program generates and installs so called device profiles for CD/DVD-burners that are available on Mac-OS X systems. This allows many, otherwise unsupported burners to be used directly with Mac-OS X,  iTunes and DiscBurner.

Important: About iDVD 4

Apples iDVD 4 is not officially supported by PatchBurn 4, but it may work, if you are using an internal DVD-writer connected to the IDE-port.

If you are using an external DVD-writer via Firewire, activate the button "Install support for iDVD 4" in the "Experts Mode". PatchBurn 4 then installs two resource files called "Hurz" and "Pfurz" in your home directory. If these files are present, iDVD shows an hidden dialog box to burn to an external DVD-writer or to write a disc image onto the harddrive. To get this hidden dialog in iDVD press and hold the control-key while clicking two times at the "burn DVD" symbol (lower right corner of the iDVD window). Caution! This is a hack! Apple may remove this feature in future versions of iDVD. It should work so far in iDVD 4.0 and 4.0.1.

Important: About iDVD 5 and iLife '05

Since iDVD 5 is officially able to save DVDs to disk images, there is no need to install the iDVD support any more.

This beta version of PatchBurn will expire sometime. However only the installer will expire. All installed profiles will continue to work. If your PatchBurn has expired, please download the current version at

System Requirements

- Apple Power Macintosh or compatible computer with G3-CPU or better

- Mac-OS X 10.3.x (Panther)

PatchBurn 4 does not run in the "Classic“ environment, nor does it work on 10.2 (Jaguar) or 10.1

For Jaguar support please use PatchBurn 1.1 - You may download it at

- 3 MB free disk space

- 256 MB RAM or more

Documentation and manuals

The use is easy: after admin authorization, just select your CD/DVD writer in the list and click "Install". After that you should restart your Mac. The system profiler should now recognize the drive as DRDeviceSupportLevelVendorSupported. At least iTunes should now support the writer. Further information is available at


PatchBurn 4 is freeware. The use is free of charge. PatchBurn 4 may be copied and distributed freely. The only requirement is that you do not change the program's distribution package. The  Readme.rtf must be included with the program. You may distribute the program on the Internet, in e-mail attachments or on shareware-CDs, but you may not distribute the program for commercial purposes. If you want to distribute the program for commercial use, you must ask the author for express, written permission prior to distribution.


To the extent not prohibited by law, in no event shall the author be liable for personal injury, or any incidental, special, indirect or consequential damages whatsoever, including, without limitation, damages for loss of profits, loss of data, business interruption or any other commercial damages or losses, arising out of or related to your use or inability to use the software. This being said, if PatchBurn 4 is used correctly, it should not cause you any discomfort at all.

Thanks to "xvi"

Thanks to Christian Schmitz for his excellent RealBasic MBS-plugin and his relentless support.

Thanks to Alexander Rietschel who sent me the essential idea how to make PatchBurn work under 10.3

Thanks to Michael Tupy for designing the PatchBurn icons and logos.


- no known bugs so far

Release history


1.12.2005 - Version 4.0.0 alpha 5

- just a maintenance release. No major changes! This version will expire at 06/01/2006

1.8.2005 - Version 4.0.0 alpha 4

- just a maintenance release. No major changes! This version will expire at 12/01/2005

1.6.2005 - Version 4.0.0 alpha 3

- fixed a bug that caused PatchBurn to crash, if the folder "/Library/DiskRecording/DeviceProfiles" doesn't exist

31.5.2005 - Version 4.0.0 alpha 2

added new features:

- PatchBurn will now create profiles for any writer shown up in the list, even if it is already supported. This feature is useful for certain writers to unlock specific features (e.g. DVD-RAM writing capability).

- added a new advanced setting "DRDeviceOverrideCanWriteDVDRAM". You may use this option, if your drive features DVD-RAM writing, but Mac-OS X does not recognize this feature. It may work on certain drives but I can't give any guarantee. Use this at your own risk!

- PatchBurn will now overwrite existing profiles, you don't have to remove all profiles any more

- added some more debug information

- changed the window size in experts mode. It is now much larger to show more information of the debug log.

This alpha version still does not have the final feature set yet. It will expire at 1.8.2005

29.4.2005 - Version 4.0.0 alpha 1

- this is an early alpha version of PatchBurn 4. It will install DRdevice profiles under Mac-OS X 10.4 (Tiger). It does not have the final feature set yet.

1.6.2005 - Version 3.1.1 english

- added a lot more debug information to the logfile. This will help me to track down problems with certain writers

- added a PayPal button. It links directly to the donation page of PatchBurn

1.4.2005 - Version 3.1 english

- this is not a beta any more, PatchBurn 4 is final. Although I changed the version number to 3.1, only minor changes are made. If you already installed a profile using PatchBurn 4.0bX, there is no need to remove it and install a new profile using version 3.1

- changed the interface ot metal look

- includes new icons and logos, thanks to Michael Tupy, who made the new icons and logos.

- created a new about dialog

- this version will expire at 1.6.2005

22.1.2005 - Version 3.0b9 english

- maintenance beta release, no major changes, will expire at 1.4.2005 

- some minor changes in the user interface

6.1.2005 - Version 3.0b8 english

- fixed a bug where an NILObject exception can occur, if the user tries to remove all PatchBurn profiles but no profile was ever installed

- PatchBurn will continue to work, even if no writer was found at startup. Though the "Install" button will be disabled then. This respects the fact, that the user may like to remove PatchBurn profiles, even if no writer is connected or it is switchend off

- some minor changes in the user interface, mostly warning dialogues

- added some more debug output for the log

- Installer will expire at 1.2.2005

29.11.2004 - Version 3.0b7 english

- maintenance beta release, no major changes, will expire at 1.2.2005 

17.10.2004 - Version 3.0b7a1 enlish

- added the ability to save the logfile if no writer was found

8.10.2004 - Version 3.0b7a0 english

- added special handling for undefined support strings

7.10.2004 - Version 3.0b6 english

- fixed another bug concerning NilObject error

4.10.2004 - Version 3.0b5 english

- if a profile was found on install procedure, PatchBurn now checks if it is an internal system profile.This prevents an NilObject error

4.10.2004 - Version 3.0b4 english

- added an exception handling to save the logfile in case of an error

1.10.2004 - Version 3.0b3 english

- second beta in english, will expire at 1.12.2004

3.9.2004 - Version 3.0b2 english

- second beta release including translation to english

29.8.2004 - Version 3.0b1

- first beta release, will expire at 1.10.2004

24.8.2004 - Version 3.0a2

- first alpha release, almost all new features are implemented